It’s Friday….. and I’ve got to attend one class Saturday and teach a class on Sunday… so much for my weekend.

Today I was thinking…. I should use this journal to denote my mood with the Moon’s changing sign. Every few days its in a new sign and I’ve been meaning to correlate my mood and emotion (Moon energy) to the current sign and see what I can learn. So, I just decided that I’ll do that here!

The moon is in CAPRICORN now/today and … its ruled by Saturn; and amongst its many archetypes, one of those is work…nose to the grindstone kind of work. I worked on something for my daughter most of the day today which was very task oriented. I think it fits with Capricorn & the goat… tenacity. Detail oriented nose to the grindstone work…that’s what today was. I kept searching for things online for her and almost couldn’t stop. I was on a mission. That sure enough sounds like Capricorn energy! This work I did had (very much) to do with society or the rules (Saturn) of society–definitely that was the theme! Kewl-! I get it. That’s how it played out for me today anyhow.

So much for that, and moving right along here….

Aside from that, I was thinking about … well, different traditions. My job here (on Earth), amongst many, (or the way I see my job description to be anyway) is to point out the common thread that runs through all religions and all philosophy. Not that I need convince or convert (no way!), but to just bring that forth as part of what I generally do here–more like holding that vibration. Know what I mean by that? Our vibration can affect consciousness generally, that’s what I mean.

Anyway, I know that Hindu characters can be strange looking. You know, 4 or more arms and that kind of thing…but I’ve grown to have a real affinity for them. I can hold them right up to any other Deity and really not see the difference. And those 4 arms have a unique meaning as well as every other part of the Deity’s anatomy and dress, etc.

Take Ganesh for example–the Hindu god known to help with removing obstacles in one’s life. There’s a whole story about him which I won’t go into; but, I can see how patriarchy took symbols associated with this ancient religion (and others) and flipped them or distorted them into meaning something else.

Well, to be absolutely blunt–into something evil. For example, Ganesh holds what appears to be a pitchfork and he has that same symbol on his forehead many times when you see his image.

And actually, that’s the same shape as the symbol for the planet Neptune, known on a higher archetype level as the spiritual planet or higher consciousness. Anyway, how did it happen that symbols from ancient religions (much older than christianity!) became distorted by patriarchal religions? Hinduism is much older than christianity… did I mention that? Oh, yeah, twice now. How/why did the patriarchy take a sacred Hindu symbol and turn it into something associated with evil? (Three guesses!) Taking a class on World Religion or a World Civilization class can be a real eye opener. For a crash course, see the DVD series MYTHOS by JOSEPH CAMPBELL.

A wonderful example of all the distortions from patriarchal religion via symbols is exhibited in the first few moments of the movie, The DaVinci Code. (A very interesting flick!)

But, you know, I really do get it. If all you’ve been exposed to is baby jesus, et al; then I grant you that a Hindu god or goddess with 4 arms can freak you out a little bit and toss in something that looks like a pitchfork and the patriarchy’s intention has been fulfilled! But without personal investigation (that goes beyond a western patriarchal upbringing), one is left in that little box so-to-speak. Actually, these Hindu Deities aren’t intimidating at all. They only represent aspects of our own consciousness after all.

I have a hard time with outright rejection without personal investigation– I’m working on acceptance on that level, always. But I understand it–if your sense of security is all wrapped up in your belief, anything different can challenge that; thus, the fear and outright rejection. Such is life on planet earth.

Reminds me of a preacher I met around here one day (at the time of the conversation I didn’t know he was a baptist preacher) and we got around to religion–as most preachers will do eventually if you give them enough time. And he started to … well, preach. And I mentioned Buddhism in the conversation. He said, “Oh, those people are heathens. They worship stone statues and cows.” When I asked him if he’d ever personally investigated what Buddhism is really all about his reply was that he knew “jesus christ our lord and savior and that’s all he needed to know!” Sad really, or so I think; such a narrow view of others they have. Wow, I just sounded like Yoda from Star Wars there for a minute, talking like Yoda I was. ha ha

Of course in the Buddhism the philosophy, it is more involved with the idea that we save ourselves by understanding the nature of reality and establishing true awareness—Buddha was not a savior. But in common with other philosophies and religion, there is kindness and love (or should be, eh?) and I try to focus on that instead. And then, like I said–hold the vibration of the recognition of the common tread that runs through them all.

I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll in that way… I can rock and roll with any of the philosophies. Well, anyway I don’t know how I got into all that– on religion. Maybe I’m more like that baptist preacher than I think I am! hahaha

I just finished my daily Hindu mantras before I wrote this blog entry, but then I also do Buddhist Mantras too and a (catholic) rosary as well…. so that’s just how I do it. Eclectic. Is that how you spell that? I was brought up catholic and some things just stick with us…. the beautiful ritualistic parts. After all, saying 50 Hail Mary’s and the all the rest–is just as much a chant as any of the others.

Well, I’ve got 2 DVD’s waiting for me to watch; so, I’ll see ya’ next time dear reader.

I’ve been on this computer enough today!

I’m going to watch the last of the DVD series called, “God, Man and ET”. Quite enjoyable… lots of astronomy and views about intelligent design as well as that strange face they found on Mars.

After that, I’ve got Carl Sagan’s COSMOS series coming in…. and life rolls on. Or rocks on, or both.

Well, that’s all the meandering mental motion that I’ve got in me for today! Until next time…..remember, all is well (no matter how we judge it to be otherwise).