And the OSCAR goes to… YOU!

I really had a “moment” catching the last of the Oscar’s tonight after giving the psychic class. And I wanted to post this thought while its still fresh on my mind. I hope I can make a decent point here.

I’m pretty tired–giving those classes really take it out of me. The whole time my energy is buzzing briskly–talk about being on stage! Ha! Well, anyway, I’ll try my best to convey a decent thought or two here if you’ll stick with me. Here we go.

I think they were talking about the movie, “Doubt”. No, the movie itself is not what I want to post about. It was what the man who was introducing the actor said when describing his performance. He said something interesting.

It went something like this. (I wish I had the direct quote.) Phillip Seymour Hoffman was being recognized for keeping us (the movie watcher) at the edge of our seats while resolving whatever dilemma the movie presents. There’s always a deliemma–the movie would be no “fun” without one! ha!

Like most movies, not knowing how it will turn out–we movie goers rate those flicks the best kind and actors get credit for portraying life-like inner and outer anguishing struggles.

I was reminded how much we love movies that present difficult life dilemmas. But aren’t our very own lives just as uncertain and filled with doubt–not to mention, excitement– at times?

I have to say that this isn’t the first time I’ve contemplated this very thing; yet, I thought it might make a good blog post.

Here’s the thing. Most people never see their own personal lives as being filled with as much (or more!) of the same type of edge-of-your-seat drama that we love in movies. And rarely do they participate in their own life with as much enthusiasm or excitement. Why is that?

Instead, we try to escape from our lives–we escape by going to a movie. haha

And we escape in many other ways too–but that’s a whole other topic.

But, OK, and I do it too; I love movies! I also recognize that movies represent a reprieve from my own life albeit temporarily. There’s nothing wrong with that inherently.

The deeper thought that I’m blogging about here is this:
What if we could learn see the uncertainty of our own lives with as much appreciation as we do the movies?

We could, you know? Why do we love uncertainty in movies, yet detest it in our own lives?

Well, maybe you don’t dear reader–maybe you have made peace with life’s uncertainty.

Or better yet, maybe you participate in your life with just as much enthusiasm as any adventure in any movie that’s out there! And if you do, I’ll bet that you enjoy life a lot more than the average person.

Generally, I’d say most people try to create something better in life, just like our beloved movie characters are doing. They struggle with their decisions and don’t really know for sure how it will really end up. And would it be as much — dare I used the word “fun” — if they did? Life, after all, is full of surprises! Any honest psychic should be able to agree with that one! ha ha

Besides, sometimes we get MORE than we hope for; pleasant results! Sometimes, however, we suffer disappointment; but learn something in the end. (There’s nothing like a movie [or your own real life drama] that ends with a great lesson learned!) And sometimes we can’t make up our minds what we’re doing, because either we don’t know what we really want or because we’re fighting inner battles that hold us back. Oh, its all just like the movies! But most of us don’t enjoy the drama of real life the way we enjoy drama in the movies.

My only thought, and I will repeat it again is: What if we could appreciate the uncertainty of our own lives the way we do when we watch a movie?

How will it turn out? Will the main character (you) achieve your goals? How will you overcome obstacles? Win your battles? Will you change your goals? Hold on to your dream? Win? Loose? or Survive?

I love Richard Bach’s books. His book, Illusions, was one of the first books I read when re-awakening. That is, unless you count Johnathan Livingston Seagull. If you decide (maybe after reading this) to check out his book, be sure to check out his other one entitled One. I can’t remember in which book it was, but the Master takes the student into a movie theatre and points out that our own life is a movie…. you are writing, directing and staring in it!

And so, the OSCAR goes to …. YOU!!