Moon Neptune Conjunction

Note: The astrological observations in this post apply for everyone. In this post, I’m discussing the current transiting planets–one moving planet in relation to the other. So the planets and signs will be the same for you too.

As above, so below….

This image, The Thinker, is sort of how I’ve felt tonight. I was working on helping to solve a problem for a family member today– mental wheels were churning, and all that jazz. Once those wheels get churning for too long, it’s harder to engage the brakes; but I managed.

That image is how a person looks after watching too much CNN.
Note to Self: No more CNN this week! You have officially overdosed!

Consulting my astrology software, I see that the Transiting Aquarius Moon has just crossed over Transiting Neptune here at 11:30 PM Eastern time Monday night.

It’s probably no wonder I feel (Moon) a bit scattered (Neptune).
And in true Aquarian style (Moon & Neptune conjunction in Aquarius), I refused to do any work this evening. No studying and no nothing–just vegged on the sofa and watched TV feeling rebellious toward life! That’s Aquarius–it wants to rebel, do things differently, be unusual and that kind of thing.

I was actually completely aware that I was rebelling against my normal routine tonight–rarely do I just veg out that way.

Get up Joy and clean the house or study astrology–do SOMETHING for heaven’s sake! No!

Then again, those Neptune in Aquarius energies can manifest in many different ways–that’s just how they affected me tonight. There’s the whole chart to consider in order to be thorough–but I’m rebelling against that. I’m just looking at the Moon and the aspects.

Between now and 4 am the Transiting Aquarius Moon will cross over my descendant–a good time to be sleeping! Anytime a planet crosses over a sensitive point in the chart, its significant they say. The Moon is below the horizon, decreasing in light. Hey! that’s sort of how I f-e-e-l right now… below the horizon and decreasing in light. Ha!

Yeah, I’m aware that this isn’t an interesting post; but my Aquarian Moon doesn’t care! (Sorry dear reader, but that’s Aquarius for ya’.)

I’m thinking that I should correlate the Moon’s phase with the sign. Okay, so I will. The Moon’s current phase–waning crescent phase. Crescent is about going inward–that fits.

Continuing, the Moon will be completely dark in a few days… the dark side of the moon!

Maybe its generally a low energy time; certainly a “going inward” time when the moon is dark. Well, that’s part of the purpose of this personal public journal–and that statement right there is pretty contrary itself: personal public. Ha! It’s contradictory if nothing else! And my Aquarian Moody Moon really doesn’t care!
Anyway, part of my purpose is to document for myself (for the purpose of self learning) how the Moon energy plays out in the different signs. So there’s my justification for this crazy, uninteresting post!

So, take the waning crescent Moon and toss in the conjunction with Neptune in Aquarius, and to me that reads, “Tired, blurred, and confused with a tinge of contrariness” or something like that.

It works for me–that’s about how I’m feeling. ha ha

A couple of posts ago I warned about this!
The Transiting Moon crossed over Mars during the night last night, around 2 am, and remained conjunct to Mars most of the day.

That Mars energy probably helped me remain active with the family member’s problem solving. Mars is a bit passionate and sometimes aggressive too–and I have to admit that I felt that today along with the determination that is associated with Mars as well!

All these planets below are in Aquarius!
I told you this was coming… several posts ago, I told ya’! And at dinner time today, the Moon pulled away from Mars and snuggled up to Chiron–the wounded healer. I can relate to feeling (Moon) that Chiron energy around dinner time–the issue with my family member triggering my old wounds. It wasn’t anything too dramatic–but I could feel it. Right around that same time it was also making that conjunction with Neptune–gosh, no wonder I was feeling a little bit rough right about then.
So, I’m getting the correlation here.

Around 8 am tomorrow the Moon moves into Pisces while it’s still making the conjunction with Neptune. Tomorrow should be a dreamy day! Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune? What else could it be? Probably it’ll be a great day to do readings–no boundaries!
Let the Spirit Games Begin!

But I digress. Moving back in time, around 9 pm tonight an exact Aquarian conjunction with Moon and Neptune occurred–that’s about the time I was refusing to budge from the sofa!

By about 9 pm Eastern time tomorrow night (Wednesday 25th), the Moon will have pulled completely away from Neptune and be in an exact conjunction with the Sun–both in Pisces.

Moon and Sun conjunct in Pisces?
Sounds like more dreamy energy! Well, we’ll see… I’m sure I will post more about it tomorrow as we move this Moon from Aquarius into Pisces and it hits the Sun. (Should be interesting–two luminaries in Pisces!)

So much for my Moon observations and correlations for one night… hope this made some sense on some level. But then again, with all that contrary Aquairan energy being activated, if I’m completely honest, there’s a good part of me doesn’t care if it makes sense or not!

And the beat goes on… tomorrow’s another day, as they say. Meanwhile, the Neptune Moon conjunction should help me with my meditation tonight…

and I’m heading in that direction right now…
Om Mani Padme Hung! Om Mani Padme Hung!
Om Mani Padme Hung!
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha! Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha!
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha!