Scanning My Computer & Myself!

Well, here we are! 1:30 am ‘ish and I started to run a Norton Virus Scan and I can’t sleep until it’s finished. Yeah, I tried but its like sleep won’t come while I know my computer is running.
I think this computer has become too attached to my own brain… !! It’s like there I am laying in bed scanning along with my computer! (Instead of sleeping!)

How many more items to scan can there possibly be? We’re up to 267,500 something or other items now!
Make that 268,360 and counting!
I had no idea there were that many files in this computer’s brain!
I wonder how many files are in my brain?

At least that many and more I’d say, considering all the silly memories that pop into my head when I’m trying to sleep… especially when we’re nearing a full moon… which we are!
Life reviews I tell ya’, life reviews! Just like this computer scanning files, my brain scans my memory files… searching for corrupted mental memory files… isolate! quarantine! delete!
Then forgive, re-write and release!

People’s items, especially ones they frequently use, actually do become an extension of them. It happens with our cars, our computers, our jewelry. That’s how people do psychometry… they read the person’s energy that is surrounding and attached to their favorite item.

If someone did psychometry on my computer, I wonder what kinds of vibes they’d pick up! Considering some of the names I’ve called her lately, that’d be interesting.

Yet, I apologize right away after yelling at her. (Yeah, my computer is a her–have no idea why, but definitely female.) “What the heck is taking you so long!? NOW what are you doing?!” Then I say I’m sorry–what would I do if my computer got just as ticked off at me as I get a her. And as a result she REALLY started acting up?

Sorry, Sorry, I say… I didn’t mean that–usually following that kind of apology (also many times at drivers in traffic who I’ve just called “Bubba“), I usually apologize to “god” too, since everything is an extension (somehow) of god–just like this computer is an extension of me!

So I say sorry to the car, the computer, the people in traffic, followed by the quick addendum, “sorry god”, too.

Well, we’re over 360,000 items scanned now… we’ve got to be running out of files soon. Any minute I hope! It’s getting close to 2 am!

I’m now having a fantasy… it involves marrying a computer geek… or maybe a quick affair and afterwards saying, “Hey (like it just came to me), you wouldn’t mind having a look at my computer would ya’?” True confessions! I still fantasize about taking up with a car mechanic once in a while too. I usually toss these kinds of thoughts in during the full Moon sleepless night life-review scenarios!

It’s my natal Mercury in the 3rd house! I’m sure of it. Too strong a placement… Mercury RULES the 3rd house and there it is in the house it rules. And its in the sign of Scorpio… which goes to the depth! Let’s not leave one stupid memory in the corner of the mind!, says Scorpio, Let’s drag them all up and out into the Moonlight! Yeah, and let’s keep her up all night!

We’re now approaching near 500,000 files scanned…. gimme a break! Why did I even start that virus scan in the first place? Well, she’s been running slow and I’ve done everything ELSE I can think of to speed her up. I guess she’s getting old, like me.

Five years in computer age these days is pretty old. I nearly choked when I found that one out! She cost me almost a thousand dollars back then! (a fortune in my world).

I’m fantasizing about an affair with a computer geek again… and that’s a real hoot! Most computer geeks are in their 20’s or 30’s… what would they want with a 60 year old anyway?

Oh, well… as it turns out with most things in life, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself anyway. Sigh! ha ha ha

Well, she deserves this scan I guess. I don’t think I’ve run a full scan since about the year I got her. So what if I go back to bed and lay there scanning along with her? Nothing like togetherness! Me and my connection to my computer… I probably should see a shrink about this! ha ha

It’s nearly 2:20 AM by my clock… I’ll see ya’. I hope she enjoys her all niter with her new boyfriend Norton! She divorced McAffee and so did I.

618,254 … and counting… I’m outa‘ here!
.. by the way, the published time of this post is an hour earlier b/c of technical difficulties! It really is 2:20 AM now! AND, praises to the Angles in the Heavens, she Norton just said goodnight! The scan just ended. Perfect timing… I was just going to abandon the both of them. The total was 635,000 and some change! PS– no viruses; I already knew that there wouldn’t be! They don’t call me psychic for nothen‘. Maybe now I can sleep….!!