Do I have one? Or many? Who is my guide?
People who are interested in metaphysics and spirituality or those who are on the verge of having interest–beginning to awaken–often have a great curiosity about Spirit Guides.

I loved one of the scenes from Lord of the Rings in which … well, let me share it with you here. This is a cut and paste from a page that I wrote on my website called Into The West.

The little hobbit ring carrier reaches many points of despair in his difficult journey, but there is Samwise Gamgee, the trustworthy companion of ring bearer Frodo Baggins, who reminds him that there ‘is’ goodness in the world. Whenever Frodo’s burdens became too much, Samwise would lift his spirits. In fact, when their goal was in sight and Frodo’s strength was almost completely gone, Samwise says, “Come on, Mr. Frodo! I can’t carry the ring for you, but I can carry you!” And he does! Every time I watch that scene, I almost cry. It reminds me of what I know. Our Spirit Guides do the same for us at times! I think that is how our Spirit Guides are–helping us carry our own ring of power (but not actually carrying it for us), and sometimes carrying us, too, when we grow weary.

Maybe you’d have to see the Movie, Lord of the Rings, to fully ‘get’ the paragraph above. Essentially, our Guides (I believe) support and ‘carry’ us sometimes but can’t solve our problems for us. Sometimes, I feel the feelings of Spirit Guides when I connect with them and can feel their love for my clients. I can also strongly sense how they look at some of the struggles we go through with such great compassion, and knowing they can’t interfere with our choices, watch us learn through our experiences. What they can do many times I believe is support us; hold us up; sometimes carry us part of the way, but they cannot take our burdens from us or rob us from the growth experiences we need.

Different Guides for Different Phases

In doing this work over the years I’ve come to realize that different Guides come into our life spectrum at different times, dependent upon what current challenge or life experience we’re having. It seems that maybe they, too, have specialists in their world. For example, you may draw in a particular Guide who is helping you to be more discliplined in your life regarding self-commitments. Or at a time when you are transitioning from one major phase of life to the next, you may even have a team of Guides who come in to help you. Perhaps one for the career, one to help you release that old relationship and another to help you with moving from one geographic location to the next.

Healers seem to have one or more Spirit Guide working with them at any given time and teachers or writers, the same way.

Then we have the category of protector Guides. I’ve written in an earlier blog about how I’ve been kept from falling by (what I believe to be) a protector Guide. In these experiences there is very little doubt that the hand of Spirit was involved. My sense is that protector Guides are with us from our time of birth and stay with us until the end… a bit like Froto and Samwise in the movie.

When students come into the psychic class, I believe they kick up the Spirit Guide count a notch or two at the very least. Many times people new to the class feel the increased energy of Spirit around them, and many times they credit me or the class itself for that. However, I think that through their transition into the area of psychic development or their intensification of interest in that area, certain specialized Spirit Guides sign on with them to help them with their expansion and evolution. I strongly believe that I had a Spirit Guide of a new and different order/color come to me when I began to take soul astrology more seriously and devotedly. How do I know? The quality of energy, the vibration, is different when I’m receiving intuitive or psychic information on astrology than at any other time.

Practice Feeling the Energy of Different Spirit Guides

You can learn to discern the energy of Guides through practice with the energy of people in your life… without looking at them, without seeing them. You can practice with your family and friends doing this. Blindfold yourself and ask family or friends (people whose energy you are already familiar with) to walk toward you and as they enter your energy field, you will “feel” their vibe. Try knowing who they are without looking with your physical eyes, but rather feeling with your 6th sense.

Well, these are just a few thoughts on Spirit Guides that I wanted to add. I told folks that I will be updating on the Moon’s transits through the signs every few days. But I also said that I’d write about Spirit Guides too. And being a woman of my word (or trying to be anyway), I intend to write more on Spirit Guides later on.

Anyway, those are just a few thoughts that came forward at this time on this day about Spirit Guides. But I have one additional thought to add.

I believe that there is also a phase of development that goes past or beyond the level of Spirit Guides… not that we leave them back in the dust or they leave us. I believe that we incorporate them and merge as one, reaching toward Creator-Source together. It is at this point that the identity of Spirit Guides becomes less important. I will write more about that another time.

Infinite Blessings,