Your Relationship to Your Spirit Guide (s)

Do we all have the same type of relationship with our Spirit Guides?

Is my relationship with my Guides the same as your relationship with your Guides? Do you even have a relationship to your Spirit Advisers?

Relationships of any and all sizes, shapes and varieties (I believe) are truly about one relationship–and that’s your relationship to your self! I think it was Wayne Dyer who said that once. And just like it is when you hear a Truth with a capital T, meaning a profound truth and a universal truth that impacts your heart and mind in a way that is strong and hard, I knew that was exactly right! He said that whatever is going on is never about the relationship between you and the other person. Rather, it’s about your relationship to _____ (insert your own word here) like Universal Intelligence, Divine Mind, God or Spirit or Higher Self.

People think it’s really about them and the other guy, you know? But the true dynamic of any relationship is this: it’s really about your own relationship to ‘you’! (The You that exists on all levels of mind.)

Yeah, I know that’s a little bit esoteric; but think about it.

Of course, the ego will jump in at this point in your reading of this post and say something like, Wait a minute! That other person is a real so n’so and what’s going on has nothing to do with my own relationship to myself. But I suggest you look deeper, much deeper.

Okay. So anyway, our relationships to our Spirit Guides are the same way. Or at least that is what I am purporting here and asking you to consider. Let me see if I can create some bullet points here.
The relationship with our Spirit Guides is a reflection of our relationship with our very own self and is based upon…

How clearly or concisely we dialogue with our self — how clear is your thinking?
How often we turn inward and question our own motives and intentions.
How much we love and respect our self and value our worth.
How effectively we can shift to different perspectives — how open is your mind?
How separate do we see ourselves from others — do you see the same qualities in yourself as you see in others?

Well, these are just a few thoughts that came up in the moment.

Generally, the way we feel about ourselves will be the way we feel about others in relationship to them–and I believe that includes Spirit Guides too.

That’s enough for now… food for thought. I will blog about this again another time.