How Do You Talk To Your Spirit Guides?

You Listen, Feel and Observe!

People always want to know the answer to this question. I don’t think it’s about talking to them as much as it is about LISTENING to them! There’s a big difference!

I think most people talk too much – to others, to themselves and even to their guides. And the listening part is where the difficulty arises!

My sense is that we are being monitored all the time by spirit guides or let me say it this way, by higher intelligence. And this higher intelligence feels our feelings too. So our emotional language is also being monitored. That’s my sense of how it works anyway.

The responses that we get from the energy that we like to call spirit guides comes to us in the form of emotions too. We can also receive replies via words and synchronistic events of all kinds and shapes and sizes. More about emotional replies from spirit guides a bit later.

And now we’re actually going into the topic of the language of spirit and that should be rightfully covered in its own post another day, another time.

Let me stick with the subject here… my apology for drifting momentarily. Anyway, we are so busy chatting away to ourselves and others and experiencing our emotional dramas most of the time that we can actually miss the reply or return call from what we term spirit guides or the higher intelligence.

It’s right there! Transmissions are being broadcast and sign posts are being held up before us all the time and many times we just don’t get it. And I say this from personal experience, because that happens to me too. Sometimes we get it well after the fact and look back and realize we were being given information and communication the whole while.

So the greater question, I believe, and that which I am asking you to consider is this. How do we listen to our spirit guides?

Let me go for a bullet list here and see if I can gather and make a few points in this regard. Here’s a short list of “how to’s” that comes to mind:

Quiet the mind. Yeah, I know. Easier said than done—especially when we REALLY need that guidance. Practicing doing this when “all is well” and at times when there is no crisis will help you to create that pathway. Then you can access it quickly when you really need to find your way into a quiet mind. When the mind is quiet, we can listen.

Pay attention to what other people are saying to you. Many times information and answers come right out of the mouth of others. Don’t be picky about how the answers and insights come… spirit will use whatever avenue is open and available. If they can’t get straight through to you, they will use your friends.

Notice what you are being drawn to do. I call it being “impulsed”. You can call it being guided. It manifests as an overwhelming desire. Such as a desire to pick up the phone or write that email or whatever you are being drawn to. Be aware while doing all activities.

Answers and messages come through movies,books and music. There are all kinds of pathways that spirit uses to reach you.

When, in the midst of a crisis of some type, you are suddenly overcome with feelings of calm and peace, that’s an emotional reply from your spirit guides. They pick up your emotions and respond with emotions…. those of calm and peace and sudden joy! That’s another way your spirit guides talk to you.

Okay, those are just a few thoughts on the subject for today. My essential point is that we don’t have to talk to them as much as we think we do… they already know via monitoring our thoughts and feelings. A simple, “help” works just fine–that’s the expression of your free will to accept assistance. They already know what’s going on. Then, all we have to do is be awake and aware enough to receive the reverse signal…. that’s the real issue!