Moon in Leo

  The astrology posts found here on the Moon’s transit through the zodiac are general, covering the basic archetype of the Moon’s sign. Aspects to the Moon are, for the most part, being intentionally omitted for simplicity purposes. Aspects to the Moon will trigger each person’s life differently based upon the Soul’s overall natal karmic dynamic and evolutionary intent and the current location of all planets involved.

In the past few days when the Moon was in Cancer the potential for great emotional depth existed. The attention, most likely, was inward. Leo, on the other hand, is outward and much more aggressive. Leo is a fire sign. I’d say not to look for people to hide their emotions too much this weekend.

The Moon is growing in light, Gibbous phase. Whatever we started at the new Moon time (around March 26th, 2009) may now be facing a bit of opposition or challenge from the external world. Maybe challenge is the better of the two words. But we will probably still like expressing our emotions anyway. Leo is about self-expression and we may feel like bringing our emotions into the world of form in some way now, whether the world is ready for it or not. Whatever our intentions were around the 26th, now the outer world is likely going to bring forth resistance. People may want to tell you how to change your creation to suit them. We may hear things like, “I think you should do things ‘this’ way”–meaning my way! You may have to stick to your guns if their suggestion comes from an egoic perspective. If it’s a worthy suggestion, make changes. If not, maybe they should make their own creation.

The Leo Moon seeks comfort, security and happiness by seeking attention. The personality may be very expressive when the Moon is in Leo, and generous too.

In a Leo Moon we may very likely desire immediate reactions from others for our emotional expressions, whatever those are or however they manifest. Leo likes to go out quickly, hit its mark, and get the immediate feedback.

Leo rules the 5th house of creativity and self-expression (the performer) and a Moon in Leo would likely find these areas generally bringing emotional satisfaction and happiness. Leo energy is also very playful and spontaneous as well as generally optimistic. Thus, the connection with the children, creativity and charisma commonly associated with Leo.

The shadow side of Leo has to do with trying to impress others. The purpose is to feel secure within the self. The more the Leo Moon tries to impress (drama!), the more he puts other people off. There can be haughtiness, arrogance (and all other words having to do with excessive pride can be inserted here) when the Moon is in Leo.

The higher side of the Leo Moon has more to do with the words “love” and “heart”. And toss in “play” and “fun”–the 5th house is known as the house of romance too. But not so much the commitment variety; just romance and fun for the pure joy of it. Leo in it’s best form is pure joy and optimism!

These types of things are likely what we’ll be seeking for security and comfort purposes when the Moon is in Leo.

This weekend could be a good time for a party or entertaining; any type of recreation with children would be fun too. The Leo Moon trines both Mercury and the Sun which will likely add communication and ego intensification to the Leo Moon. Yet Jupiter opposes the Leo Moon which could play out as challenges from others to curb the enthusiasm.

The best way to work with the energy this weekend is to allow your self some drama and creativity–the Leo Moon is hungry for it. And don’t let others rain on your parade. They probably just want some attention too.

These are the thoughts that I have for now on this weekend’s Leo Moon.
Enjoy you’re weekend!