Moon in Virgo

The emotional weather may be discriminating and analytical moodiness.

On the shadow side, Virgo emotions can be feelings of guilt, martyrdom and victimization. If there is any time of the month when self-criticism (or in projection, criticizing others) can be prominent, it’s when the Moon is in Virgo. Virgo strives for “perfection” and when it is not achieved, which is most of the time–let’s face it, there can be the pity party and feelings of guilt if you know what I mean. You may see this tendency in yourself or others when the Moon is in Virgo.

The higher side of Virgo is service, purity, humility and becoming “one” with one’s work and working hard to perfect a skill.

Virgo rules the 6th house of health (as well as service/work) and so health issues may affect the emotions during this lunar transit.

Generally, anything that entails detail work or work in general should be favored when the Moon is transiting through Virgo.

Self-acceptance is the key (as well as acceptance of others) when the Moon transits through Virgo.

I hope these few insights on the likely emotional weather that may be playing out in your self and in others with this Virgo Moon transit helps with the start of your week.

[The astrology posts found here on the Moon’s transit through the zodiac are general, covering the basic archetype of the Moon’s sign. Aspects to the Moon are, for the most part, being intentionally omitted for simplicity purposes. Aspects to the Moon will trigger each person’s life differently based upon the Soul’s overall natal karmic dynamic and evolutionary intent and the current location of all planets involved.]