Our Needs Are Met Even Before We Know We Have Them!

Our Needs Are Met Before We Know We Have Them
I have a few thoughts tonight that I figured that I’d put “out there” into cyberspace. Maybe this will be encouraging for someone. Once upon a time (in a galaxy far, far away…. NO-oops! that’s another story!) one of my teachers said that she passed out and went to “the light”. She went somewhere while she was unconscious from which she had a bird’s eye view of life. She oh so convincingly told this story and I believe her. I won’t go into too much detail–let me just give you the bottom line. She said that she could see (and she was amazed by this and told us with a certain type of awe in her voice which enchanted us all!) that everyone’s needs are already being met, before the need is even known to them! She could clearly see it, she said.
At that time in my life it was something that really had a tremendously positive effect on me. I was going through a pretty wild transition and initiation. Anyway, I walked around for days repeating to myself, in amazement, that our needs are already being met before we even know we have the need! I was completely enthralled by the idea and it gave me a tremendous amount of peace and hope, just thinking about it.
Since then, I’ve seen the evidence of it working in my life, time and time again. Big things, small things and all kinds of things happen in exactly that way. Its like, “somebody up there knows something and is watching out for me”–know what I mean? And anyway, since that time I began to be more in harmony with this whole concept. And by the way, you’re being watched-out-for too!
I’m short on time tonight, but I really want to give a few small examples–fresh on my mind which stimulated me to make this post. These few things that I’m about to share with you happened recently, reminding me of this truth.
These particular occurrences are not such a big deal in the grand scheme of life–they are just perfect little illustrations is all. You see, I was packing up a box for my daughter this evening, remembering what happened yesterday. I was mailing some things at the post office yesterday and almost hypnotically I found myself walking toward the postal tape picking it up to purchase. I argued slightly with my trance-like gesture; it’s probably cheaper at the Dollar Store, I thought. But I’ve learned to trust myself when the feeling comes over me that way. I was out of tape, but had nothing that needed to be mailed; so why buy it now? Bottom line: I bought it not knowing why this, why there, why now.
Since yesterday, I learned my daughter needs some clothes for her new job–in fact, it wasn’t until late today that I learned about it. Immediately I thought of the dresses and other clothing that are just sitting in my closet which she could use. Tonight, I sorted things out, made a few piles of clothing, located a few boxes in the garage and packed them inside. Then I realized why I bought that packing tape yesterday! I was glad I got it because I want to mail the boxes out first thing tomorrow morning.
Now I grant you—that’s really such a little thing; but that sort of phenomenon happens to me all the time, quite proving that needs are met before we even know we they have them. I’ve made a habit of observing my life a good deal , and note synchronicities like that with a big smile and lots of gratitude.
I had no intention of going to the Dollar Store yesterday–I was in the post office and so was that tape accompanied by the hypnotic desire to buy it–it all came together. I got that tape yesterday because I was going to need it tonight, even though I didn’t know I was going to need it.
Again, its a small and perhaps silly example; but here’s another one, perhaps just as trivial, but it goes to the same point. While opening a package that a book arrived in yesterday, there was a piece of cardboard backing included. I usually keep things like that to use when I start a fire in the fireplace in the winter; I have a big basket that I toss that sort of thing in. I started to toss it in there out of habit, and then thought to myself that there aren’t going to be anymore fires now–its getting warm, no need to build anymore fires. So I began to put it in the trash since I was going to the dump right afterwards. (We have to haul our own trash to the dump around here in the mountains where I live.)
Something stopped me in my tracks and the thought came that I may need it–again, a need was being met before I even knew I had it! Why do I say that? As I was packing up the 2nd box this evening, there was a gap where the flaps met. I needed something to fill in the space…. Right! I thought, That’s why I kept that piece of cardboard yesterday instead of tossing it out!
I won’t bore you with any more examples, but suffice it to say that it works this way with me and money too–I somehow manage to have a few extra dollars ahead of the time that I need it for a purchase that I don’t know I want to make! Many times its the exact dollar amount that I need for either an unexpected expense or a desire that doesn’t arise until later. When the exact dollar amount that I need arrives ahead of time, it’s like a wink and a nod from the universe.
I do love the way the universe works in this way! It’s such an amazing validation that there is a divine intelligence working in harmony with our lives.
It works this way for you too! I really think that the more you believe it and the more you pay attention to it, the better it works!
It’s off to bed for me now…. I hope this little post helped to encourage someone.