Happy IS as Happy DOES


Happy is as happy does… that’s what I heard when asking my (higher) self what to Blog about today!   I like this happy inspiration that just hit my noggin so I’m going with it! 

Happy does.  This implies doing, action or motion.  All action in the outer world starts with mental action–the inner world.  I guess there shouldn’t be too much argument with this theory if you’re in touch with universal law.  We think before we smile; unless you’re so evolved that you walk around with a smile on your face all day long–a Happy Buddha, that’s you!  But if you’re sometimes a scowling Buddha or a frowning Buddha and want to change that, read on.

I love the line from the movie version of Peter Pan with Robbin Williams.  peter panHe got caught up in the material world as an adult, and when returning to Never-Never Land he forgot how to fly! “Think a happy thought Peter, and then you can fly!”  The kids knew–happy thoughts make you fly!    A little fairy dust doesn’t hurt either!

Thoughts come before action.  If you buy this theory, then you’ll agree that happiness starts in the mind or in the no-mind to be more exact.  Personally, I think that the last half of that sentence (no mind) gets you there faster if you can manage it.  In a state of no-mind, we realize what’s not to be happy about?  We’re breathing, functioning human beings capable of experiencing so much joy!  I’d like to believe that joy is the natural state of the universe.  There’s so much in the world of nature to demonstrate that. 

Think of flowers, for instance. And by the way, flowers giggle.  Color me crazy if you want to, but I’ve heard ’em!  Anyway, I happen to be looking at one as I type this post.  The first Day-lily bloomed on the ridge overnight, its bright orange pedals expressing its cheerful self!  All I have to do is look at it with no-mind, an empty mind, and I experience the flower’s joy too!  That’s one expression of the doing part of  “Happy is as happy does”–developing a no-mind.

But maybe a state of empty-mind is not where you can be right now.  Okay, no problem.  Since happiness starts in the mind we can use that consciousness (that awesome blessing from the Divine expanded through evolution) and recall a happy moment from the past.  Think about it a moment and muster up a happy thought from the past. 

Got it?  Good; and now that you have it, let yourself go into it a little more.  What brought about that happiness?  Trace it back to the original thought.  Now replicate that, repeat it, expand it and bring it into NOW. 

If you had some trouble with that, ask for some fairy dust and try it again. Either that or hang out with some little kids for a while–they’ll help you remember how to fly! “Think a happy-thought Peter, and then you can fly!”

I just realized that the topic of this post coincides with today’s Tweet De Jour Permission Card:  Practice Pleasure!  (follow me on twitter)

Happy is as happy does! –a little twist on a Forrest Gump line for ya’!

And thus ends today’s Blog.