Blockages and Barriers to Being Psychic

How do I remove blockages so I can be more psychic?

 Recently, someone wrote to me asking if my psychic class would enable them to remove a “blockage” so that they could be psychic.

I answered the person and never heard back.  Perhaps, he or she didn’t like my answer because it didn’t contain some sort of  magic bullet that we, in the west, love so well.  As the Dalai Lama says, Westerners are always looking for the easiest, fastest, most effective and cheapest way to enlightenment.

I was thinking about this today… this whole idea of “blockages” as it applies to becoming psychic.  I’m not sure where people get the idea that they’re blocked in the first place. 

Sinus get blocked, roads get blocked, arteries get blocked, plumbing gets blocked, but what about our mind?  What about consciousness? 

I answered the question the best I knew how in the moment and today, upon reflection, I don’t think I’d change a thing that I wrote in my reply. 

I guess there’s some concept out there,  like in that picture above,  that there’s an energy form in their way.  But if there is, all it amounts to is their own thoughts.  When we talk about being psychic, we’re dealing with consciousness–not some sort of matter like in the pipes of your kitchen sink, your sinuses or the road into town.  It’s a matter of mind after all.

So what is the matter?  I think basically there’s a misunderstanding that people have about this blockage to being psychic business. 

We have to begin from the basic truth that we already have a mind of pure luminosity and clear seeing, hearing, feeling.  There’s no place “out there” in the external world where we need to go or nothing in the external world that we need to get in order to achieve clarity. We don’t call the psychic plumber or doctor, do we?  Oh, well, now that I think about it,  maybe some people do bill themselves as such and other people pay them big money for their services too.  But that’s sort of  like what I heard Wayne Dyer say once.  Let’s see, how did it go?  If you think that someone outside of you is your problem, then bring them to me and I will fix them so you can get better.  I’m paraphrasing and maybe slightly misquoted him, but it goes something like that.  His point there was to help people hear how ridiculous it sounds.  Can someone outside of you achieve self-realization on your behalf? Can you pay someone to accomplish your self reflections?  — contemplative questions!  The answer is in the word self.

So then what could be blocking your access to your psychic channels except your own thoughts about it? 

Layers of mental conditioning and mis-information cover, like a blanket, that which we are possess innately–a clear and luminous consciousness.  Would we call that a blockage?  Perhaps so, I don’t know.  It’s probably a matter of semantics actually.  But, again,  it’s not matter we’re speaking about, its consciousness.

I loved some particular guidance that came through in someone’s reading last week.  The client was advised to sit with two questions:  Who am I? And where did I come from?  Rather simple, yet profound, I thought.  Contemplation during meditation time with these two questions, I believe, is enough to remove any and all so-called blockage to luminosity and clarity. 

That’s all that’s really needed in order to be psychic really.  It’s also about releasing the layers of and years of conditioning  by societal and religious institutions, especially here in the west.  That can take nearly a whole lifetime in some cases and in others it may not happen at all–at least not in the current incarnation.  On the other hand, it could happen in an instant if the person is ready.  How does a person get ready?  I’m not certain I have the answer to that question because I think it’s different in each case based on the individual’s current state of spiritual evolution (i.e. level of consciousness).

But this is what being fully conscious is about and it is what the spiritual path is all about too.  Understanding consciousness and the “self” or as some philosophies say, the “non-self” is a journey of inner seeking, sometimes  helped along by some outer seeking too.  Many of the eastern teachings and philosophies counter balance western societal and religious indoctrination nicely since they help us understand consciousness itself.  Hinduism and Buddhism come to mind here.  

So barriers and blockages are aspects of our own consciousness–this is my point.  And if you think you have a barrier or a blockage, that’s the first one to remove!  Consciousness working as it does, if you think  that you’re blocked, that’s the #1 blockage!  You don’t need a psychic plumber or healer to remove that one; you can handle that all by yourself by understanding your own nature, innate wisdom and the nature of reality. 

Meditation with contemplation and focus and sometimes even with analyzation can help I believe.  Meditation is about more than crossing your legs, closing your eyes and chanting OM.  Meditation can be about training the mind, mental discipline, and learning to hold a single pointed focus in the present moment.  This is what one does when one channels or is “being psychic”. 

Personally, I resonate very much with the Buddhist philosophy of cultivating mindfulness.  It helps us understand deluded thinking and conflicting emotions so that we can establish that innate awareness of clarity and luminosity that is at our core. 

Lama Surya Das says, “We meditate in order to wake up to what is, and thus arrive at the total immediacy and authenticity of life in this very present moment. That’s the goal of meditation.”  

And becoming psychic is what happens when we wake up to what is–it goes with the territory.  I often quote Edgar Cayce who said that being psychic is a byproduct of the spiritual path.

Developing a meditation practice helps us release these ideas of blockages and barriers because it awakens and frees the mind.  It’s a way of life actually.  And as we work with these understandings especially through meditation, thinking about these concepts and ideas in quiet contemplation, we are able to percieve things that are lacking when we’re functioning in lower levels of mind.

I think this idea of blockages and barriers is deluded or delusional thinking which keeps us from the clear states of knowing–our true nature.

These are just few thoughts on the topic of blockages and barriers to being psychic which are bubbling up on a cold and rainy winter evening in the Appalachian Mountains.   I hope this is helpful for someone out there in Cyber-Land.  You may like to listen to a podcast about mindfulness and meditation and how it applies to psychic development.  If so look for the 1/25/10 podcast link when you CLICK HERE