Jupiter the Wanderer! My Uranian Surprise

Jupiter looking a bit apprehensive on the first day we met



I was feeling sad for no particularly good reason whatsoever!  I’ve decided to blame it on transiting Saturn conjunct my natal Moon and a slew of planets in Pisces.  But, who knows?    

Anyway, there I was chatting with a friend on the phone.    I passed by the sliding glass door between my desk and the kitchen on my way  to get another cup of coffee, when this dog sort of magically appears there!  Where’d he come from?  He wasn’t there a few minutes ago!   That’s him in the photo above.    

He was lying with his face in the other direction when I first spotted him and immediately went out the side door and around to the back to greet him.  Hey there sweet baby, where’d you come from? But he didn’t respond; that is until I was nearly on top of him.    

Ignore the dead potted summer plant; kept it there to weigh down the rug from the winter winds picking it up. But you can see he has trouble getting up.

He’s nearly blind, you see.  And doesn’t hear well either.  He has an arthritic walk; has a hard time getting up, not bending his legs very well.  He shakes quite a bit too.  I didn’t know what to do. He finally responded to me, putting his head in my hand.  I had nothing but a can of SPAM that might suit a dog’s tastes so I opened it up.  I was worried he may be too sick to eat.   

Yet, he ate the whole can hungrily.   After I guided him to the bowl that is.  He smelled the food, but couldn’t see the bowl; he crawled on his stomach toward it.  He drank two bowls of water too.    

I covered him; it was a cold day and he rested while I tried to figure out what the best thing was to do for him.   

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It was a cold day

The humane society said that I’d have to bring him in (they don’t pick up), but since I live in an area in the mountains like Andy Griffith’s Mayberry RFD (the old TV Show), they said the police may help out with that.    

 I ran into an officer today in the ma and pa grocery and sure enough he said he’d help me by taking him in to the humane society if that’s what I wanted.  I was grateful. He also said, you may want to do that since you live on the highway on that curve.  “How do YOU know where I live?” and the Andy Griffith imposter replied that its his business to know.  Small mountain towns, what can you do?    

The humane society said, they’d likely put him to sleep if he came in.  Is this dog in pain? It’s a toss-up with that shaking that he does, but mostly he sleeps and seems to eat okay.   

Strange how the night before, feeling sad, I lamented aloud that I wished I had someone to be in a relationship with.  That’s not usual fare for me since I’m usually more than content living alone; but as they say, be careful what you wish for–I guess the universe brought me what was handy, this dog.  The last time I had a wish like that, it was last summer, and some man left a note on my porch asking if I had a boyfriend and said he’d stop by between 4 and 5 pm to introduce himself. If you want a friend, he wrote, be outside between 4 and 5.  I made it a point NOT to be out at that time of day.  I wasn’t actually ‘that’ serious, was I?  

By the way, I’m calling this dog-friend “Jupiter”, since that planet just entered my 7th house–the house of relationships.  The Sun was exactly conjunct Uranus (*surprise) in my 8th house the day he showed up, but it doesn’t seem fair to name a dog Uranus, now does it?  And naming a dog Sun sounds silly, so I went with Jupiter.   

I made a flyer yesterday and put it in the boxes of my closest neighbors.  Judging from the shape he’s in, this dog couldn’t have walked far~@!  Some farmers in a neighboring field offered assistance when I said,  What if he dies on my porch, then what will I do?  The farmer said, we will help you and we’ll bury him in the field here where we’ve buried other dogs.  That was a relief.   

I had Jupiter’s picture on the flyer and showed the farmer who said, “I saw that dog walk through my field the other day”.    

I drove into town and plastered his picture with my name and phone number everywhere–the post office, two gas stations, the auto repair shop, library, restaurant and a few other places.  Trust me, there aren’t many more places than those in town!   

I called the Vets office to ask about the shaking and you might guess the response I got:  “We can’t tell you anything on the phone. You have to bring him in (Oh, and don’t forget to bring your checkbook too!)”    

Some of the folks in town seeing his picture said that they think he’s been a stray a long time, because they’ve seen him just walking around.  The cashier in the ma/pa grocery said that the dog used to hang around there.   Anyway, so far nobody’s called–my flyers have not produced a single response.   

So, I asked Jupiter himself, since I realize that an angel or some supernatural power guided him 2 1/2 miles from town, through the farmer’s field, and to my back door where he hasn’t budged except to do his business and come right back and lay down again.  While he and I were talking he took his leg in his mouth and lifted it up to me as if to say, “Here, see? Right here is where it hurts.”  So I sat with him and put my hand on his leg until he fell asleep doing my best-effort healing and prayer work.  Arthritis! I can relate, have a little of that from time to time myself.     

Anyway, I said to him when we were talking, Would you like to go? I mean, I can help you if you are hurting, should I take you in… you know?  And he lifted his head, pointed his nose straight up in the air, and took in an exaggeratedly purposeful deep breath.  It’s like he was saying, I’m still breathing and enjoy my life outside.  I looked into his film-covered eyes and said, okay.    

He doesn’t bark, he barely whimpers at all–you have to strain to hear the little noise at the back of his throat.  I go out and sit with him every now and then for a little bit and he seems to be grateful for my company as I am for his.   

I had an old desk chair cushion made of that memory foam stuff that I tossed in a closet thinking I’d maybe make a cover it for someday.  So, I took it out for him and covered that and another old pillow with an old afghan folded over thrice, so he won’t have to lay out on the cold cement slab out there.  When he got up to do his business, I saw the chance to lay it down in his chosen spot right at the back of the sliding glass door.  At first he stopped short of it and turned away like he wasn’t worthy of it.  So I called and coaxed him and when he realized it was okay, he seemed very happy to have it to lay on.  Well, you can see the by the picture below.   

Jupiter enjoying the cushion; could he get any closer to the door? 🙂

I pulled the screen door aside and he wants to be right up against the glass door.  There he is laying on the cushion and the 3x folded old afghan in the picture to the left.  He appears happy and comfortable enough, doesn’t he?  I’m glad the temperature has warmed up; I wonder what he did all winter.  He must be a tough old guy!  And a survivor, like me.    

I will blog anything new that happens with Jupiter.  I’m now sort of glad he found me.  It’s nice to have a little company and I’m happy to be of service, truly I am.  I’d let him inside with me *(I’m so tempted),  but I don’t know if he could tell me when he has to go, since he doesn’t bark.  Besides he’d need a bath… maybe when my kids come to visit in April we can do something about that.  I don’t know.  I wouldn’t want to traumatize him and am happy to let him rest in peace.  If he came looking for a peaceful place to make his transition, this is it.  And if he just needs a place to rest for a while and then he’ll be on his way somewhere else, I will be alright with that too.   

Besides, I’ve noticed the barn swallows quit trying to make their nest in the light fixture on porch overhang out there, which is a good thing.  Those birds always make a mess of things out there every spring, if you know what I mean.  But I don’t have the heart to stop them or turn them away.  Well anyway, besides keeping me company, Jupiter is doing the  service of discouraging local bird nest-building just through his very presence.  After all, he hasn’t budged from that spot by the back door for two days solid, except to do his business and lay back down again.   

A can of dog food, a dish of water,  an old cushion and blanket aren’t much to provide a fellow-creature in need.  I wish I could do more, but maybe just that and my healing intent along with love and affection will be enough for him.   

Jupiter seems a fitting name now that I think of it.  Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is the archetype of travel and freedom… gypsy energy.  The energy of “a drifter”, if you get my drift.  Pun intended. From what the locals in town said, that’s this dog’s MO, motis operandi.   

Wish us luck.   Jupiter could use a kind thought and whispered prayer to ease his suffering.   So to any reader who comes upon this post:  if you’d consider saying a little healing prayer for a stray dog who could use a little help on his journey… well, that’s why I’m posting this.   

On behalf of Jupiter The Wanderer ~ Thank You


Meanwhile, may he find some comfort here   …