Discerning Ego Consciousness ~ Saturn Uranus Opposition

The Tower ~ Uranus


 Discerning Ego Consciousness on the Psychic Path


Current Aspect: Saturn-Uranus Opposition  exact on 4/26/10, affecting us for the weeks ahead

For clarity purposes:  This aspect is affecting us all no matter what your birth data… these two transiting planets are aspecting each other in everyone’s chart.  And they have been, meaning we’ve dealt with this opposition in late 2008 (Saturn was opposing Uranus on Nov. 4, Presidential Election Day).  Think back, what else were you dealing with around that time?  We also dealt with this opposition twice in 2009–on Feb. 5th and Sept. 15th.  So here we are again; same energy playing out a familiar theme.  We will face this energy once more this year–in July, on the 26th. That will give you a few hints.  Inner world changes of consciousness play out, many times, in outer world events and circumstances when necessary.  That is, if we don’t deal with the changes internally, the outer world demonstrates the needed change.  What follows are a few additional thoughts about this energy; specifically,  how it could play out in certain areas.  

Sometimes the gates to the underworld or what we could call the subconscious open and a radical change in our thinking and/or our outer world experience occurs.   (All of our outer world experiences are due to our ‘inner world order’.)   When our subconscious breaks through, a collapse occurs so that we can suddenly realize how wrong our previous ideas about our reality have been. Shadows become released.  We might even say to ourselves something like, “How could I have ever thought that?”  Suddenly we know better!
With the current opposition of Saturn to Uranus, we’re positioned in consciousness for these kinds of potential breakthroughs.  But, if we cannot let go of our old reality long enough to let them come through or if we cannot relax our grip on illusion, often times something shattering happens to help us see through that illusion.
The breaking down of false or outdated images that we’ve had of ourselves does happen periodically. Self images or illusionary reality structures that we’ve held for a long time suddenly become outdated and obsolete.  They need to be destroyed so that progress and soul growth can occur and so that our mind can be opened. The current Saturn/Uranus opposition (exact on 4/26/10) is just such a time.  
The ego draws boundaries within which it can feel secure.  And feeling secure often involves a certain amount of self-denial.   Of course, anything that we deny in ourselves, we project outwardly onto others.  These are both good qualities and the opposite–but either way, life periodically forces us to let go of a falsely created reality and take back those projections.  In other words, over inflation or under inflation gets adjusted, like the tires on your car.  At least the potential is there for that to happen and if we resist, the tire could blow.  Hopefully that doesn’t happen in a way that’s embarrassing–ego’s blow, tire’s blow and that’s the way life is.  I’m sure you’ve noticed… pardon the tongue and cheek there.
Anyway, I’m talking about mental images or pictures that we can make in consciousness and label our reality which are… well, they’re unreal.  Sometimes we love the illusory pictures that we make of our reality so much more than reality itself.  This is called illusion.  
Sticking with the subject of “foregone conclusions” that we make about reality, it is known that our thoughts create these realities.  I heard Byron Katie once say that the brain’s job is to collect data to back up what we declare our truth is.  In other words, we create a reality out of thought, then back it up by gathering memories, wishes, fears and anything else that resembles the illusion that we’re trying to protect.   Then we point to it and say, “See?  There’s the proof that this reality is valid.” These realities can be positive or negative in nature ranging from ideas like “I’m the best” to “I’m a failure”. 
These ideas actually keep us away from the truth.  Our egoic intellect is not all that interested in perceiving objective reality (that which we could camera or video check).  Instead, we’d rather cling to what serves the ego or gives us a perceived advantage over life.  And always it is Saturnian–meaning old, comfortable and very familiar.  Uranus comes along to shatter that ego-consciousness.
Many times we know that we are deceiving ourselves about our life. We can feel it; we know something is wrong or that life needs changing, but we persuade ourselves (using thought) that everything is either wonderful or horrible.   Wonderful or horrible becomes routine, a habit.   Change brings with it feelings of insecurity and who wants to feel insecure?   We shore up our ivory tower and stay comfortably inside our illusion. Whether it’s good or bad fiction doesn’t matter.  We stay there to keep from looking at the shadows.  We’d rather project those outward and stay safe in our illusion.
But life insists on change and growth.  The reality that our ego has made itself so comfortable within, if it is false, collapses.  Something happens.  And we suddenly find that we can no longer defend our old reality without looking like a complete fraud to ourselves.  Again, that old reality doesn’t even have to be anything that makes us happy; many people create a suffering-type of reality making negative obsessions and clinging to them as much as an inflated illusion of the opposite type. 
An intense and surprising experience (Uranus) is often required to get us to see life in a different way and to let go of that patterned structure (Saturn). 
Carl Jung says that the more condescending or pompous people are, the more dramatic the Uranian experience will be.  He wrote:  “An inflated consciousness is ‘hypnotized by itself’ and can, therefore, not be argued with.  It inevitably dooms itself to calamities that must strike it dead.” 
Bursting through boundaries that are too narrow and breaking out of outdated and encrusted structures of thinking can be liberating. We may have created a reality that is too black and white–so then color emerges, creating insecurity and upheaval.  The picture changes and it’s confusing and uncomfortable to say the least.  But following these breakouts of color there is liberation and inspiration.  Divine justice eventually destroys what is out of balance and illusionary so that we can “get real” enough to take the next step in life.

I’ve learned that to have no rules (Saturn) with regard to my psychic development is the best way for me.  There are a few things that seem to be true not only in my career as a psychic but also in my life generally.  As I observe and correlate consciousness and experience, it has become apparent to me that in any moment in which I’ve decided that I have “the key” or “THE Truth” with a Capital T, something happens to blow my theory completely out of the water.  I’m age 62 now; maybe I have a little wisdom to share here. Here’s a little of it.  While we need ego and structure in life (Saturn), we must work with the flow of life gently so that we do not become too attached to our ideas about reality. 
I’ve seen this play out in my own life and also in the lives of others; you probably have too.  It seems that the moment we think we’ve got life figured out, it makes a fool out of us. So what do we do?  If we keep our path (our truth) very wide, meaning our thinking very open, we suffer a lot less.  Constricted paths are always a bit harder to travel.  Narrow thinking always means that we always have to be putting on our ego-armor to defend it, for it will certainly always be challenged.  If we keep our boundaries soft and our path wide, keep our consciousness open by realizing that we don’t ‘know-it-all’, there’s less of a necessity to break down the ego-structured illusionary reality.  Besides, then we have space for more knowledge, insight and inspiration to travel along with us.
Until next time…  Namaste!