Meditation: Going into Deeper Meanings Contained within this Word

The Depth and Breath of

 the Word “Meditation”

I haven’t blogged in a quite a while, spending my time creating a weekly newsletter.  Meditation has been the topic; it seems I could write forever on this subject.  If you are not yet subscribed to my newsletter (there’s a sign up form on the home page) and are interested in this topic as it applies to not only psychic development but human evolution, you may like to sign up. I do my very best to make each paragraph that  I write worthy of your time and will never share your email address. 

Anyway, my belief is that many of the emotional and mental disturbances that we experience stem from not having control of the mind.  This is the main thrust or idea that the weekly newsletters have been addressing as well as weaving that theme into developing the consciousness through meditation so that the intuition becomes fully functioning.  This information, I believe,  is helpful  if you desire to be more intuitive/psychic or are a psychic practitioner currently.

I think meditation is a subject that is very misunderstood and there is a lot of confusion about it.  Thus, my motivation to make meditation the current subject of my weekly newsletter.

Now… to the point of this post.

I was thinking about the actual word last night just as I was about to fall asleep.  It has just come to my memory to work with the word, breaking it down for meaning.  I’ve always felt that names and words carry a code or message within them. 

 I thought of the beginning of the word, meditation, being “medi”.  Is that not associated with “medi-cine”?  Is the meaning here that meditation is medicine?

The word “med”, according to the online, is the shortened version of the adjective medical or the noun medicine.   Also, it says, M.Ed. means Master of Education.  I think that is very interesting.

The word history of  “ion” or “tion” is associated with “action or condition”.  Those letters we find at the end of the word meditation.

So far we have meaning hints in the word which are “medicine”, “master of education” and “action or condition” all  hiding within the word meditation. 

The letters “ta” in the middle of meditation are actually the shortened version of–or the abbreviation for–Transcendental Analysis. The meaning of  T.A. is “A system of psychotherapy that analyzes personal relationships and interactions in terms of conflicting or complementary ego states”.  Additional research shows that T.A. also refers to Teaching Assistant or Teaching Associate

So far, we have references in the word meditation to medicine, master of education, action or condition, transcendental analysis and teaching assistant or associate.   

The word history of  “ta” has also been associated with the natural infantile sound of gratitude as baby talk (chiefly British) to mean “thank you”. 

Now!  Let me try to make a sentence with the various meanings in the word “meditation” to give this word more depth and breath of meaning.

Meditation is a type of medicine which,  if one engages in the action or condition thereof, finds that it is a teaching assistant or a teaching associate enabling one to become a master of the education it provides via transcendental analysis (psychological ego-states) which in the end also develops innocent gratitude.

How’s that?  Did I leave anything out?  Do  you have another way to say it including all the meanings?

Did you take your medicine today… did you meditate?