Spirit “guides”–Where are they guiding us?

Spirit guides!  Where are they guiding us?

Today, Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct.  I woke up this morning realizing within a few moments of reorienting from sleep that a great state of clarity was dawning.  The problem with these kinds of things, if there is one, has to do with finding a way to put those ideas/concepts into words.  I’m going to try.

There are a couple of things going on and to be fair this should be stated before we go further.  And without going into detail about my personal life (which you’d probably find boring anyway), let me say that this past week has been _____.  I’m searching for the right word; let’s just say interesting.  You know that old axiom about peeling back layers of an onion, right? Or that other analogy about removing a mask only to find another mask beneath? It’s been like that.  Astrology describes it well.  But if you know nothing, whatsoever, about astrology, you may want to skip the next italicized paragraph below and go onto the following one.

Mars just crossed my Ascendant (cusp of 1st house of self) triggering the opposition to transiting Moon, and the Neptune /Chiron conjunction in (of course) the 7th.  The transiting Moon moved through the 7th quickly, (of course) but hit all those chords of consciousness, including natal Pallas sitting right there on the Descendent too!

I don’t want to belabor this any longer than I have to, so let me just bottom line this part.  An impulsive action (Mars!) that I took triggered a deeper layer of understanding about (this soul’s–the one identified as “mine”) emotional and relationship issues.  Not much happened in the outer world, it was all an inner process.   That seems to be how it goes with me.

So what?  I wanted to preface this post about spirit guides with that because the realization that I had this morning is woven into that recent experience.  So many times I’m asked about spirit guides and this enchantment that people who are starting to awaken have with the idea that there’s some spirit entity ‘out there’ with all the answers or supernatural powers (our own personal super man or wonder woman) who is sitting on our shoulder or walking beside us whispering in our ear.  It’s a fun idea.  And maybe it’s a correct one.  Sort of like that invisible friend phase of childhood.  There’s something very soothing in knowing we’re not going through life all alone–we have that special loving friend.  It makes it all so much more bearable.

You’re not going to hear me say that these entities do not exist or that we aren’t in some divine way guided.  I’m not saying that.  What I would suggest to you, however, is that spirit guides may only be guiding us to our own self!  Protecting us from harm, and those other things that spirit guides are usually credited as doing, is all part of that process of helping us to know the Self and assisting us to reconnect with that  “Higher” Self.  You can replace the terms ‘Higher Self’ with any other that you may find more palatable; some want to say god, others say a universal mind.  I think the greater point is that we cannot connect to universal mind through someone else’s mind (that only makes logical sense, right?), so spirit guides (part of our own mind) are always guiding us inward.  The protection idea, I think, has to do with keeping us in a body so that we can do what  we’re here to do.

People’s questions about spirit guides and the stories that they come to me with are often presented in such a way that woven through the tale is an underlying assumption that spirit guides, just like the patriarchal god, exist somewhere outside of our consciousness–as if they are independently existing.   I see that people tend to transfer those patriarchal consensus beliefs that are still lingering from childhood and early conditioned upbringing  onto their ideas of spirit guides and then they create experiences to validate that belief.  (Real or imagined experiences?  It’s hard to know the difference–besides, that’s a whole other topic for another time.)

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus

Early references to “spirit guides” here in North America come from the Native Americans.  I would assume that spirit guide mythology has been with us from the earliest days, much like that of Angels.  It would seem that this could be an archetype that we carry with us in our soul DNA or in group (humanity) consciousness.  The possibility of the existence of and the identification with “spirit guide” is likely something we’re born with as a carry over from previous lifetimes and like an archetypical hand-me-down.  How “real” are they?  As real as we make them. And as real as we are.  That last sentence–whole books have been written on that topic!Am I going to compare  “spirit guides” in exact terms with “Santa Claus”?  I don’t know; should I?  Each of us will have to answer that question on our own.

A better question, as I began to address it a few paragraphs ago, has to do with their job description.  Who or what are they actually “guiding” us to?  Are they guiding us to our very own (for lack of a better word) “spirit”?  Over time, I believe, our concept of a “spirit guide or plural guides” can evolve to an understanding of consciousness (s) linked to our own. And this consciousness does, I believe, guide us in direct ways.  For example, we are guided into avoiding certain unnecessary experiences and guided into actually having other ones, all of which are necessary in order to (become enlightened?), evolve, grow and understand the meaning of life generally and our own life in particular.

If  you have an invisible playmate that you wish to call your spirit guide, far be it from me to introduce an idea to the contrary or to suppose that this entity does not exist for you.  It’s a fun, enchanting, entertaining and magical concept and a starting point for us to open our mind to something that is beyond our egoic-based mundane life.  There’s not a thing wrong with it.  What I’m writing about here is an idea of broadening or widening the concept of spirit guides.

My study of astrology has enabled me to see “spirit guides” in another way.  It’s all consciousness after all–both spirit guides and astrology… all part of our consciousness.   I see the planets themselves as spirit guides.

But before I lose my other point, let me get back to it.  Recent experiences have touched into issues that my soul has come to heal, to resolve, to learn from–the same is true for each of us I believe.  This morning I had a perspective, one that you might possibly say came from the viewpoint “of” a “spirit guide”.  What follows is going to be a bit “deep”.  Some may understand this, others not.  The reason is that it may sound contradictory… the me and not me references.  Most of you will understand what I’m saying as having to do with existing at various dimensions of consciousness at the same time and in that case, it makes perfect sense.

It was as if I was my own guide to my own life, looking at it, especially in regard to recent issues in my personal life experience.

I could see everything from that bird’s-eye view–very, very objectively.  From the place where I was, in consciousness, looking at this life or looking at the life of this soul (me),  the issues are that are being resolved and exactly how that is happening were clear.  I should add that the “place” or vantage point was one of complete objectivity–one could say it this way, peaceful objectivity Like, ahhh, I see what is going on with this soul!

But at the very same time, the soul wasn’t “me”–I was only witnessing it and knowing that it was my job to evolve that soul (but again, the soul wasn’t “me”).  Yet, (at the very same time!) it was me guiding this soul through this lifetime.

I’ve experienced this view before, but perhaps needed a reminder–especially considering this past week’s intensity!  It was totally refreshing and renewing to go beyond the earth life, beyond the soul and see my recent experiences from a totally object ive and peaceful “place” or space.  If you’ve seen the documentary “What the Bleep… ” and remember the ending scene when the person was watching herself  watch herself, then you will get the idea of what I’m talking about.

Could we become  (or are we) our own spirit guide? Ahhh, now that’s the  question to contemplate.   I will–for time’s sake–have to end it here and leave it with you to ponder.