The Spirit of Materiality; Daily Divination March 18, 2011 Life of a Professional Psychic

We took our begging bowls to the streets.  
We gave a teaching, a blessings, a divination to those who fed us; who were happy to fill our bowls.  We remembered that even though it was a human putting the rice in our bowl, there was divine generosity behind it.
 Most psychic’s that I’ve interacted with don’t have “getting rich” in their sight of vision.  But, admittedly, I’m not that intimate with all that many.  The ones that I do know are alright to eek out a living and have enough to share  or maybe  purchase that little luxury item now and then.   What is luxury and what is necessity?  There’s a question that we it The West can ponder a bit over!

Of course, exceptions exist; not all career psychics are just trying to ‘get by’.    A psychic friend of mine who charges $300 an hour for his readings told me that he feels that this amount is reasonable, often adding something like, people pay that much for other things.  He uses shoes as an example, but I’ve never known anyone who paid $300 for a pair of shoes or would even consider doing so.  Maybe I’m living on the wrong planet!  🙂   Of course this guy has interests in other career areas and seemed more focused on a different career path.  Yet, maybe he values himself more than I do–this is a question that I ask myself. 

Most of the time, when setting fees, my internal inquiry has to do with squaring it all off with how much I’d pay for such a service.  And then one factors in how one values the service itself.  It’s all sort of blended together there. 

 Today’s blog is about the ‘spirit’ of materiality and  value.  The question is “What is of true worth and value in life?”  And in that light, to take it a step further, the second question is this:   “Are we balanced when we work with goals, achievements and rewards on our mind?”

Psychics are people too!  And in this day and time there are career goals in our profession just like any other I suppose.  Lately, I’ve been asking myself about my motivation in that regard–am I ambitious enough? 

The material world is a stage for spiritual growth–that’s how I’d like to think of it.  Yet, life needs balance, doesn’t it?  I mean, finances, health, emotions and everything that is part of human survival should be balanced if we’re going to function here properly. 

Sometimes, I long for the days when I could just take my begging bowl to the street and people gratefully filled it with food for my teaching, divination or  blessing.  Yeah, I know.  I already said that.  Funny.  Now just as I’m typing here, I’m flashing on the past life memories.  There were times we went hungry then I recall.  Our bowls weren’t always filled.  There were times when we were away on travels or in weather conditions. I remember it.

 Life wasn’t easy, but it was simpler.  No Facebook, Twitter, blogs, phones, recording devices, software programs!  Is life simpler now or more complicated?  I ask myself that question too. 

I wonder if when I offer services, classes, teachings (and maybe even this blog-?), if people realize that it’s still me with my begging bowl.  I sometimes want to say, Remember me?  It’s still me.  Another time and culture, but it’s still me!

In this culture and place and time, survival needs are about far more than a simple bowl of rice; nonetheless,here I seem to be with the begging bowl again, only this time its cyber-streets instead of a village. 

Am I still supposed to be doing this?    

Today, March 18, 2011, I drew the King of Pentacles as guidance for myself, for you and anyone else reading this blog.  This card seems to ask this bottom line question: 

When you’re reaching for the height of success, what are you really reaching for?

King of PentaclesAnd the answer comes:  It’s not so much what you’re doing but ‘how’ you’re doing it.  Is there loving intent behind it?  Is there integrity and fairness and generosity woven into it?  Is there kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit in what you do?

The material world and our achievements therein are only there to help support us on our spiritual journey and to help us remember what is of true worth and value.  Our talents, no matter what those are, and any worldly accomplishments are simply tools for our spiritual reflections.

When I look around at my possessions and my home today, I ask myself how much of this I really need and how much there’s an attachment to.  These world disasters, the most recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, are great lessons that our fellow humans are giving us over and over.   When we witness the total loss of life and possessions so suddenly and then turn back to our own life, seeing how much we have in comparison–it helps one reflect on these matters.  Of course, I’m overstating the obvious now; but the King of Pentacles is making me! And from across the room, there are still those bills waiting to be paid! 

But, if I’m going to actually use and apply today’s King of Pentacles divination message…

It’s not so much what you’re doing but ‘how’ you’re doing it.  Is there loving intent behind it?  Is there integrity and fairness and generosity woven into it?  Is there kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit in what you do?

I need to bow humbly and just keep on keeping on!  But as I do so, still being aware of how I tend to want to go back to the past while the future is calling me forward into some unknown new reality which isn’t quite clear yet.