Daily Divination March 30, 2011 Ripping Off the Masks! Ten of Cups; Mars in Pisces

 I love the way that the cards that I’m drawing lately and their correlating astrological associations are relating to the actual location of that planet and sign in the heavens on the day that the card is drawn and the blog post is written–like today!  It is very synchronistic that just now I pulled the 10 of cups Tarot card which relates to Mars in Pisces since Mars is nearing the 29th degree of Pisces right now!  That energy is culminating–more on that in a moment; but if you stumble upon this post at a later date, there’s still information in this post that applies to any day, any time, which you may find helpful.  Or the intention is that you will.

As a planet hits the final degrees of any sign, the energy culminates!  Last week I wrote about Venus culminating in Aquarius and right now (at the time of this post) Mars is culminating in Pisces.  As you read this post which describes how that energy works in our consciousness, you may like to ask yourself how Mars in Pisces energy is giving your life a kick, the last realizations that this energy combo provides before it moves into the next sign. 

Just a quick word on this whole culmination business before we begin. The 29th degree (where Mars is approaching—today the degree is 28 deg. 6 min) is called the anaretic degree, a critical degree.  It’s a release point being explosive or highly expressive. It can denote crisis or disappointment, some say; but it is destabilizing and very pivotal energy.  Hopefully, as you read this post, the energy will be described to you sufficiently.  That’s my intention anyway.  It’s like a teeter-totter energy; which way to go?  That’s how any planet (meaning any part of our consciousness) expresses in the final degrees; the energy is intensified and culminating and anything that needs to be realized will be. 

In this case, I really relate it to the masks that were maintaining a false reality being torn away.

 It takes courage to take responsibility for one’s immediate reality.  Many times people would rather escape into a particular illusion or delusion instead.  And sometimes they get lost in that illusive reality for years rather than deal with reality as it actually exists.  Today’s divination message relates to the Ten of Cups.  This card is associated astrologically to Mars in Pisces.  Mars is associated with outward direct forward movement and action and Pisces energy is totally opposite—passive, inward, all-over-the-place energy and non-focused.  If there were ever a “messed up” astrological combo, I’d say that Mars in Pisces would rank pretty high on my hit parade.  Almost like the energy of “Which way do I go?”  And all things being equal, sometimes in life if we have an “escape into la-la land” choice on one hand or another choice involving dealing with the ‘stuff’ of our life, many will choose the escape every time or some will choose it at least once in a while. 

I got involved with a discussion with my sister this morning about the catholic priest scandals.  That scenario sort of fits in with today’s divination message as an example of not dealing with reality and suppressing or repressing fact—escapism via suppressing or repressing a reality—in order to maintain appearances.  Hiding things, not dealing with things, avoiding things—that type of energy is what I’m talking about.  These things never stay hidden for long and our denial of reality doesn’t last.  Eventually, the veils are lifted and the truth rears its head.  Many times, it seems, the longer we put it off and the longer we try to stay in denial through escapism to maintain an image of one kind or another, the more dramatic it is that we’re hit with the truth of reality. 

Maintaining unrealistic fantasies create a temporary euphoria that cannot be maintained indefinitely.  We see it happen all the time and if we’re totally honest most of us will say that we have ‘been there done that’ ourselves.  We all want to be happy, just like the image on the card of the Ten of Cups; we all want to sit and blow bubbles and feel that child-like magic and fun.  But if we try to get there by falsifying a reality, denying the reality that exists in and of itself, our illusion and delusion eventually falls apart. It’s like waking from a dream.  And like in the movie Inception, we get a “kick”.

We’ve all had moments in life when we suddenly see clearly and realize how we’ve been pretending.  We wonder how we could have been in such denial for so long.  We may think, “How could I have been so naïve?”  We wanted that dream reality and denied our own intuition that was telling us that we were fooling ourselves and shoved down the inner voice that was trying to tell us something was off, something was wrong.  Disillusionment happens so that we can re-examine our desires and priorities and let go of attachments.  And usually that letting go brings us closer to our Self, makes us wiser and helps us to realize what we really want from life. 

After all, that is the purpose of the Pisces energy.  Remember, this Tarot card relates to Mars in the sign of Pisces.   Pisces is ruled by Neptune and those archetypical energies in our consciousness served the  purpose of dissolving all barriers and boundaries that keep us from what some would call Unity Consciousness or our connection to The Divine (The Divine Mind; Higher Self; True Self).  Releasing illusions and delusions and attachment to desires that are unproductive or unhealthy is the job of the Pisces/Neptune energy.

Inner balanced and equilibrium must be maintained if we are going to function in this reality and today’s divination message relates to getting real about the nature of reality and releasing attachments to the delusions and illusions that represent either escapism or the falling-apart-of or dissolving-of realities that were built on very shaky ground in the first place. We knew it, denied it, and now that which was always an unstable illusion is crashing and burning around us.  This may be true right now for some of us anyway and for those for which it isn’t currently, you may relate to this regarding an issue of your past. 

BOTTOM LINE:  Examine where it is in your life you may be denying something to yourself, trying to maintain the outer-mask or illusion of a situation that you know doesn’t actually exist, and ask yourself if you are simply trying to escape the truth of a situation.  Be careful of ungrounded delusions that are serving as a distraction.  Work with discriminating the true inner reality from the “pie in the sky” outer world delusions. Through the insight gained in meditation, you can pierce the illusion that veils inner truth and the reality of existence.

This is a good time to release mental fixations and take responsibility for the creation of your immediate reality—the veils are being lifted!  Clarity is a gift!  That clarity may create the dissolving of old reality structures and when those masks are ripped off,  it feels raw and can be painful, yet what opportunity for soul growth is at hand!  No more pretending, it’s really “get real” time and time to make new plans—plans or ways of dealing with life that are non-delusional and do not fulfill escapism desires.

Today’s divination message relates to the masks we created that were maintaining a false reality which are now being torn away.  And that’s really very freeing and what a relief!  We no longer need to maintain appearances.  You can be who you truly are and as Mars moves into Aries in a few days (April 2nd–over this upcoming weekend),  that action-oriented energy in our consciousness (Mars) will be very strong.  It moves into the sign it rules, Aries!  Any planet that moves into the territory it rules–in this case Mars moving through Aries–is quite comfortable and powerful there.   It functions very well.  Don’t be surprised if you start taking action in the areas of defining yourself in a new way that expresses your true nature more outwardly, via action, who you really truly are!   And my wish for you is this:  May that be the highest and best expression!

PS — watch for this in others as well; they will begin to show themselves in ways you’ve not seen before–good, bad or ugly– (or that’s my prediction anyway 🙂  Mars will be in Aries until May 10th, 2011, when it moves into Taurus.  Mars will need Taurus to chill out a bit after its trip through Aries.  🙂