Daily Divination April 5, 2011 Emotional Drama in Relationships; The Perfect Storm? King of Cups asks….

 The Perfect Relationship Storm?

Do you know someone (probably a male—but could be a woman too) who can’t properly express emotion? Then today’s King of Cups Divination Message may be for you. Mastering emotions through detached awareness isn’t for the weakest amongst us.  In other words, to use some mountain talk, “It ain’t easy”. 

Hey, and include me in that statement—I’ve been years working toward that goal and some days I wonder if I’ll ever get there. 

Violent King Titan (son of Poseidon), the god of the sea, can become activated in all of us if we’re not being conscious about our emotions.  King Titan is associated with huge turmoil and horrendous waves when jealous, obsessive and angered.

When the King of Cups archetype energy in our consciousness – and that seems like a combo of Neptune/Pisces energy (sensitivity) and Moon/Cancer energy (emotion) and toss in Mars/Aries (fire and passion) too…. well, that’s the  part of us that can either be the wise-counselor, someone who maintains composure, keeps their head in a crisis, is diplomatic, caring and tolerant–or quite the opposite. 

The question is when is too much of that enough?  Can one be too caring and too tolerant and too diplomatic?  Energy has to be balanced in order to be healthy.  Someone who is too compassionate (is there such a thing? Yes, I believe so) and too attached and “close” to a situation can become drained, loose self-identity and set the self up for victimization and actually bring out the King Titan type energy in others.  Conflict avoiding behavior makes the King Titan aspect  grow in others sometimes.  Energy is always trying to balance and we attract what we need to grow.  How is all of this playing out in your life and in the lives of those you know?  It’s playing out somewhere (I promise you); read on for more insight about it….

I know someone who had to participate in a domestic violence hearing and was surprised (first timer) at the number of people in the crowded courtroom—there were many, many cases to be heard.  That really says a lot about a couple of things.  One is the obvious fact that people really need help in learning how to deal with their emotions.  The second is that astrologically with so many planets in ARIES now… there’s lots of impulsiveness and reactionary type energy very likely afoot right now.  (Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Mars and Uranus—they’re all in ARIES.)  I wrote a blog about Aries last week.

The King of Cups Asks.....

The message under consideration for today’s divination is about emotional balance and proper expression of that emotion.  The King of  Cups asks, “Do we avoid conflict at our own expense and how much tolerance, composure and caring is enough? And how much is too much?” 

Libra is the flip side, the polarity, of Aries.  Those energies, to be healthy, need balance and wisdom which plays out highly through life experiences and generally in the scheme of things. 

 So much Aries energy right now (think:  King Titan in the image at the top of this post) can put the big squeeze on sweet Libra (think:  the image of the ship with King Titan) and that sweet Libra stuff needs to be a bit more Aries-like IF one hopes to survive any current storms in the sea of life, that is.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s [BELOW] a chart for the current energy. 

See all those planets with this glyph in the left side of the chart below ?  That is the sign of ARIES.    There’s whole lot of planets on that left side of the chart [BELOW] in that sign of Aries, right?  See all of them?

Very good; now look way to the right, the opposite side of the chart.  What do you see?  One planet opposing all those others!  It happens to be Saturn in the sign of Libra.  Sweet Libra energy over there in the sign of relationships hardly stands a chance against all that Aries; sweet Libra is going to have to toughen up or not; but it’s going to be a challenge. 

And we’re all experiencing this energy somewhere in our chart–each and every one of us. Again, the chart of the energy below shows what we’re all dealing with now. While you look at it you will notice that , we also have lots of energy in the spiritual sign of Pisces to help us.  Perfect time for prayer and meditation… that’d be supported and easy for us to access to assist us now.

Here’s what the glyph of Pisces looks like: 

See it in the chart below?

The whole thing looks like the potential for a Spiritual Awakening to me!     The Perfect Storm in a Relationship can facilitate that awakening.  Why do I say a relationship?   Saturn is transiting through the relationship sign itself, Libra–and it’s retrograde to boot, so it’s all highly focused energy.  Toss Mercury Retro into the mix and it’s either let’s talk or let’s quit talking or let’s go back and clean this up by communicating differently depending on how it plays out for each of us.  (Those are the archetypes; an astrology reading specific to your own birth chart could get more specific.) 

PS– just noticed that  Juno (the asteroid associate with marriage) is also retrograde right now!  Hmmmmm, interesting!