Daily Divination April 27, 2011 Understanding Emotions; Healer Psychic Empathy; Water Element/Queen of Cups

Understanding your emotions? Collapsing into others' emotions?

It’s a good day to talk about the “water of water”! 

Our Moon is moving through Pices today–this is a water of water or double water signature for today’s emotional energy.

It’s a perfect day to converse about the Queen of Cups energy.  So, lets.

Collapsing into someone else’s emotional problems! 

It’s a tricky area whether we’re talking about  caregivers or service workers (counselors, psychologists, psychics, health care providers) or whether it’s the area of personal relationships that are closer to home—our children, lovers, spouses, family members or friends. 

 Today, the inspiration for the cosmic communiqué comes from the tarot Queen of CUPS and it relates to the elements of water in water. 


For this one, visualize a half-filled cup of water.  This represents “you”.  Got the visual?  Now, in your mind’s eye, pour more water into the cup which represents “the other”.  Now tell me if you can see which water is you and which came from the other.  No can do, right? 

Water represents our emotional energy and that’s what today’s message is about as well as boundaries.  In our example, the container (the cup) is the boundary or the form holding the water, representing the boundary.  It is easy to understand that if we don’t have our own emotional boundary (the cup) or sense of separate self-identity and we collapse into another person’s container of water (emotions), it’s really hard to separate out OR identify who we are and to know what we feel. 

When we have empathy for another and are overly focused on the needs and desires of that “other” and we lose our own emotional boundary, it’s like a collapse.  And like merging our water into another’s cup and then trying to determine whose water belongs to whom, it can be difficult since  in that collapsing and merging process, dependencies can occur.  See the point?  Whose cup are you in?  Have you lost your cup?   

On the image of the card of the Queen of Cups we see that cup and the ocean as well.  Water of water is a phrase describing this energy.  In astrological terms, “water of water”  would be represented as a water-element planet in a water-element sign.  Double water!  Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces ruled by the Moon, Pluto and Neptune respectively.  Any combination of a water sign in Moon, Pluto and Neptune represents this Queen of Cups archetypical energy.

When we attempt to understand our emotions, a good question is to ask ourselves is whether we have collapsed our emotions into another.  How do we get ourselves out of that situation?  We have to create some grounding and structure around our own emotions.  Sometimes we need emotional distancing so what we can work on grounding and establishing our own boundary.  In other words, we need more “Earth energy” so we can have a good structured container for our emotions (water).  At first this can be muddy. 

 Just imagine that you’re sitting upon the earth and there’s all this water that you want to combine with earth so that you can create a form—your cup.  You want to make a boundary of form to contain your own emotions and at first it’s muddy.  You have to give it attention, begin to shape it, let the sun dry up some of the overabundance of water and gradually, with some time and effort, you begin to create a form around you or a cup to hold your emotions. And this gives a sense of  individuation and protection from the emotions of others. 

Today’s message is about the power of control of the emotions when it comes to relating to others.  The stronger our sense of self happens to be, the less dependency we allow to be created.   We do not allow others to become dependent upon us or vice versa.  Why?  Because we have a clear sense of self, and our worth and our needs—that’s why.  And then we can share the ‘cup of our being-ness’ with another without collapsing into their emotions and problems.  We do the greatest service to ourselves, others and the world when this is the case.

If you have a lot of water in your birth chart (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), a strong or emphasized Moon, Pluto, Neptune energy or a lot of planets in the 4th, 8th or 12th houses, chances are that emotions and empathy are strong in your psyche.  Use this energy properly and you could be a terrific healer, nurturer or psychic.  Just remember that you will also have to use care to maintain your own cup!