Daily Divination 5-12-11 Past Lives, Old Souls, the Eternal Now – Queen of Pentacles, Virgo, Earth and Water

The Practical Use of Emotions

The Water and Earth element combo of the Queen of Pentacles inspires today’s cosmic communiqué brings to mind the practical application of emotion—discovering what’s beneath the surface of any emotional response to life and using that wisdom in a way that serves to reach an enlightening stance regarding a current life purpose or problem. 

 Helping (Earth/Virgo) others with emotional issues (water) in a practical and down to earth manner—that’s the focus.  Nurturing others in a way that assists them to understand deeper levels of their soul, their consciousness, is what today’s reminder is about. Experience is a valuable teacher and our life experiences enable us to share wisdom and help others find their own; and it is so often underestimated.     

Lately I’ve been re-experiencing my keen interest in the subconscious and unconscious and have always had an interest in past lives—which by the way aren’t past but in the spirit of simultaneous time exist here and now as the scientists of the new physics are demonstrating.  This information is not helpful if one does not use it for evolutionary soul growth, self-understanding, especially as it applies to the current life.  That describes the Queen of Pentacles and Earth/Water energy.

The first impression upon drawing this card today was about aging and the wisdom gained from aging.  I even had a flash of wrinkles upon the face being a sign of maturity—and even class in that respect.  Mere facial lines don’t indicate whether that individual has gained wisdom, awareness or knowledge from a density of experiences however.

It makes me wonder if our souls have wrinkles or signs of aging too!  We hear about old souls and young souls.  Usually depth of wisdom is associated with people who demonstrate qualities that we relate to an “old soul”—we see these qualities, many times, in young children.  People are often startled at the very perceptive and astute comments that originate from those who haven’t had the life experiences in one lifetime to qualify such insight. 

And there are others who seemed closed down in their thinking, ignore their spiritual nature and pay little or no attention to their growth and development who we often term a “young soul”.  These younger soul types are those who may have chosen to shut down due to prior life trauma, pain or fear. 

You are the stalk; each lifetime is a leaf. It's all happening now

Many years ago, while channeling, I was shown in my mind’s eye what much appeared like one long, tall stalk like you imagine or what artist draw to accompany the old fairy tale of Jack and the Bean Stalk.

And I was told or given the concept that this is how our lifetimes exist—each lifetime being like the leaf of the stalk. 

I understood (was given the concept and instruction) that all lives were occurring all at once just like the single stalk. 

 It wasn’t until nearly a decade later that I read what others were writing about simultaneous time—the eternal now.  Back then, it boggled my mind to realize that a lifetime of the 1400’s was actually occurring in the present!  These days concepts of this nature are no longer novel.

The contemplative question for today is this.  Are you willing to look beneath the surface emotions to the depth to find the wisdom there and to help others do the same? 

And more importantly, do you ground that knowledge for practical application and use in the current lifetime? 

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