Daily Divination- 5-15-11 Been There Done That, Examining the Meaning of Success – 6 of Wands/Jupiter in Leo

Why is the phrase “been there done that” such a popular one?  Maybe it’s because awareness is growing, expanding?  Are we becoming more conscious of what our souls have learned through achievements we’ve attained, desires we’ve fulfilled and battles we’ve fought and won?

Are memories becoming less buried in the depth of our psyches?  Suddenly, I have a flash from the movie The Matrix.  Remember when Neo met the others under the bridge on that rainy night?  Off they drive, the plot unfolds, until Neo says, “Stop the car and let me out.”  The car door opens and he looks out at a lonely, empty street.  Apprehensively, he starts to exit the car until Trinity says, “You don’t want to go down that road Neo.”  And he asks why not and she replies, “Because you have been down there Neo.  You know that road; you know exactly where it ends.” 

Maybe where it ended had the result of an empty victory.  Sort of like this one.  As a teenager, my youngest Aries daughter went through a stage wherein she’d be obnoxious about monopolizing the one-and-only TV set in the house.  She was so horrible about it sometimes.   Rather than battle with her over it, my other daughter and I would just get up, walk out of the room and leave her to it.  She won and got what she wanted; but as a consequence, she had no one in the room left to enjoy the TV show with—an empty victory. 

Sometimes if we fight for something, we win—but do we?  If you find the need to battle over things, others who value peace over war will simply walk away knowing that it’s not worth the struggle.  And that leaves you standing alone on the battlefield so-to-speak or alone in an empty room—a room you just cleared because people just didn’t want to be around your vibe. 

That’s part of the spirit of today’s message; sometimes we can feel temporarily satisfied with a minor victory, but eventually we learn that winning the scrimmage, while temporarily satisfying, is in the end an empty victory.  And we can log down another the entry in the book-of-life…  one more of those ‘been there, done that’ experiences.  My daughter eventually learned to negotiate her TV time with the rest of us.  Boy, those were the days!  Two teenage daughters and myself; we had one rocken’ household back then! 

Here’s what I observe. We go through various initiations in life for the sake of personal growth and realization.  And then afterward we use that ‘been there done’ that phraseology to refer to it. 

O gifted men, vainglorious for first place,
how short a time the laurel crown stays green
A breath of wind is all there is to fame
here upon earth: it blows this way and that,
and when it changes quarter it changes name.  –Dante

The archetypal motif of this tarot card relates to Jupiter in Leo energy—it’s the same theme. It’s like conquering territory, achieving that goal for perhaps purely selfish reasons, and then finding that it’s not the end all beat all.  There’s always more. 

It makes me think of a time when I’d battled with myself long-and-hard to increase my fitness level and lose weight. I didn’t look beyond the achievement of the goal; I just keeping my eye on the target.  I reached the goal and was very satisfied; my clothes fit great and I was very happy with my body.  That lasted only a short time; I soon realized that I had to work just as hard to maintain that state.  I was functioning at a level of fear that my Cinderella body would turn back into a pumpkin!  Looking back on it now, I see how all that paranoia was unnecessary.   

Jupiter relates to personal beliefs and in the sign of Sun-ruled Leo; a common theme of this combo often has to do with personal expression… i.e.  “Here’s what I believe about myself and how I should express myself in the world.”  Today’s message is to examine the worth of your achievements to see if they rate  the price or the effort you are expending. 

More importantly, however, even if the effort doesn’t result the gain that you had in mind in the first place, think of it this way.  It’s a learning experience that allows our belief about ourselves to change.  And that’s never a wasted effort.  

Also, if you fight your way to the top and have stepped on everyone’s toes to get there, making no friends along the way, you will live the axiom, “It can be lonely at the top.”  

Leo relates to the heart; and right-brained Jupiter relates to the intuition.  After a life goal has been attained, there can be a let-down or empty feeling until a new direction has made itself known.  Human nature seems to be such that we are always looking for new areas to conquer.  And after enough ‘been there done that’ experiences occur, we are fully cognizant that those new areas are contained within our own psyche.  The outer world just mirrors it all.  If you don’t realize the next step, turn to the soul or the intuitive heart, following those leads.  Meditation always helps us to get into the heart to hear its true message.

If there is a caution in today’s message it’s this.  Just because you have achieved victory and success in one or two areas of your life, it doesn’t mean that you are infallible in all areas.  Nor will one victory carry you for the rest of your life in all times and with all others.  Another advisory piece is to avoid having too high an opinion of yourself or life will see to it that you fall off that horse—pride goeth before a fall—stay humble.  Jupiter in Leo energy reminds us that whatever we believe about ourselves, we have the will to make true. 

Examining  your opinions about the meaning of victory and success isn’t a bad idea today according to the cosmic communiqué and in accordance with  my illusion about conveying it to you through these daily blog posts. 

There is theatre involved with all this too—performance.  Like the public speaker or the TV host… that type of energy is part of the Jupiter in Leo/6 of wands motif.  Charisma and desire for attention is a Leo quality and if you bind that with Jupiter’s expansive energy, you can almost feel the caution come up about not letting the ego get out of control and the need to balance it with humility.   

I’ve gone on too long, as I usually do, but hopefully the time and effort involved will help the reader of this post (no matter what day or time you find this) to glean for him or herself a personal message for application or integration that is helpful in your life some way today.  That’s the idea anyhow.

PS — on a predictive level, today’s message forecasts success in your current endeavor… the one I wrote about a few days ago  see the May 13th, 2011 post.  I suggest factoring in today’s guidance with it.

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