Daily Divination 6-10-11 See Your Life with Fresh Eyes; How Meditation and Treks in Nature Help – 9 of Cups and Jupiter in Pisces

Have you ever come out of a deep meditation and looked around with a set of new eyes thinking, “Wow, I live HERE? Kewl! And this is MY life?  Wow!” This accompanied by a great satisfaction and pleasant amazement?

That’s happened to me a number of times (love that!). This epitomizes the meaning of Jupiter in Pisces and the 9 of Cups, today’s tarot card draw.

When we go to sleep at night we leave the planet and we wake up in the morning and come back—meditation is the same way. And we can come back with some fantastic outlooks and observations.

I love the feeling of newness that result from mediations. It’s sort of like that feeling you get when you’ve been away from your home for weeks or months and then walk back into your space—everything looks sort of “different”, right?

I remember on one of those post-meditation occasions in which I looked around and in bewilderment wondered,  How in the world I could ever have a poverty thought—I have so much! Look at all this, wow!

Jupiter in Pisces is about seeing the great abundance in life. I had another similar experience hiking the Appalachian Trail once. That day I was remembering a time when all I wanted to do was be free and to spend a day hiking in the wilderness.

Back then, I had two teenagers at home and a nine-to-five job that felt suppressive and I’d daydream during the workday about being in the North Carolina mountains hiking the trails! And FLASH@! There I was actually doing that!

I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, satisfaction and happiness as I hiked along with that realization listening to Yani’s beautiful music from my headset.

I removed the headset, sat down on the dry autumn leaves at a clearing and looked out over the mountains, relishing the moment in silence!  And the view.

Another total Jupiter in Pisces (Nine of Cups) experience! Complete personal fulfillment was experienced while being flooded with the realization that my dream was given birth and I was, at that moment, living it.

Using basic astrological keywords, Jupiter enlarges or enhances whatever it touches and Pisces is of course, “the dream”. It doesn’t take a big stretch to see how the astrology correlates to the card just using basic keywords.

Was my life perfect in other areas? (No)

Could I have wrecked this moment by mental kvetching about how other parts of my life were unfulfilled? (Yes)

Did I have it ALL? (Not hardly)

Had I completely “arrived” in heaven? On that day, yes; because nothing else mattered in that moment. I still draw joy and peace from that memory and  also from those ‘wake up’ times that I described at the start of the post. Oh, how the external world and the mind can distract us!

BOTTOM LINE: The message for today is to look around at your life with different eyes and see the blessings that surround you, if not in your own home in nature itself. Recall the dreams, wishes and desires that have been fulfilled. And draw joy and peace from remembered moments of satisfaction so that you can feel satisfied in the ‘now’ and the next ‘now’ and the following ‘now’ experiencing them all the very same way.

I want to share one more thing. Once, while hiking on a day late in the spring, as I tried to escape from worries about survival and money and after my mind emptied about 30 minutes into the hike itself, I looked at the trees in a new way. Just look at all those leaves!, I thought. Talk about abundance! Maybe I was drawing subconsciously from the old convoluted phrase, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Who knows? But I felt so refreshed and energized contemplating how nature is so abundant and how the human kingdom should be no different.

The trees were happily swaying in the breeze and the birds were happily singing their song… why should I be any different?

Today, I am filled with that same feeling as I gaze out the window of my den looking at the bright orange day lilies blooming on the ridge alongside the white Queen Ann’s lace with a backdrop of greenery.

The birds at the bird feeder out back serenade me as I finish these last lines…

Life is good! And that’s the meaning of the 9 of cups/Jupiter in Pisces that I’ve wished to share with you today!

Meditate or hike in the woods or better yet, do both at the same time and maybe, like me,  you will see how.

See you tomorrow…

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