Daily Divination 6-17-11 the Relativity of Truth, Speaking without Forethought, Dissociative Emotional Responses –Aloof Page of Swords and Aquarius

Page of Swords and Aquarius – speaking without forethought –we all tend to do it from time to time and being in an emotional position of detachment (lack of compassion) supports our ability to be that way. Sometimes connecting compassionately is way too painful, so we’d rather name everyone the bad guy and get above it all or completely disassociate ourselves.

And the passion that we have for our own truth or views from our own detached position can result in being insensitive to others in our speech and actions.

Immaturity and a high amount of defensiveness (perhaps even child-like narcissism) can be part of the dynamic that forms today’s message. Today’s message, inspired by today’s tarot card, is asking us to look at our level of selfishness as compared to self-less-ness and do a self-inquiry as to whether we are in balance. Are we considering that truth is relative or that our version of truth is the one, correct version?

We all have the ability to act like children when we are afraid that our needs are not going to be met or when we are fearful of being hurt. We become demanding and use our intellect (Aquarius) to take swings at anyone or anything in our path. Here’s an example.

Whenever I see this card, it takes me back to a time when my youngest daughter was of late middle-school and early high-school age. For a while, as she struggled to mature, she was just like we see in the image to the left above—swinging her sword, not yet knowing how to manage her powerful energy in an effective way.

Swords relate to air, intellect and truth. In those days, to her, her own truth was the only version that existed. There was a certain amount of detachment (Aquarius) and aloofness with plenty of attitude in her demeanor. Many teenagers evolve through this stage. Yet, we see some adults that remain in that state throughout their life.

When anyone is maintaining a position of detachment over long periods, there can be something painful as a root cause. Some wound, some hurt, some fear that is at the core. In evolutionary astrology, many times the astrologer will look at the sign of Aquarius and the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, and the Aquarian 11th house to determine areas of trauma and where the soul is trying to liberate or detach in the current lifetime.

As a self-protective mechanism, we can (and many times do) disassociate when life becomes too extreme, harsh or painful. When people talk about an event or circumstance in life being surreal, that comes (I believe) from a separation and disassociation that is occurring because the mind cannot relate to what is happening. This is as it should be, but eventually we have to go back into it and try to make some sort of logical sense out of it, integrate some truth from it and extract some point of wisdom if possible so that we can evolve and grow.

Today’s message is about getting-a-handle-on, controlling, stabilizing and maturing in our emotional responses to others as well as examining where we may be detaching in life and for what reason. Are we detaching or disassociating in a way that is healthy or are we doing so as a way of escape or avoidance?

Are you willing to embrace difficult situations knowing that in doing so you will increase your strength and maturity? Are you acting honestly and speaking directly without being selfish or harsh?

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