Daily Divination 6-18-11 Reorient through Reflection Today! The Hermit ruled by Virgo

Today, reorient through reflection! If you agree with the understanding of divine timing, this post would apply no matter which day it is read.

The Hermit, ruled by Virgo, goes within to reflect upon the experiences of life. Consciousness moves inwards. This is, I believe, the crux of life insofar as what is of most value—the ability to go within and discern and reflect. When we lack this activity, we create crisis in life which forces us to do so (to reflect).  And the ‘patterns’ that you hear spoken about with regard to  life experiences repeating are also purposeful to that same end–to enforce reflection.

Suddenly, I find myself reminiscing about the movie, Inception—and “the kick” that they refer to in the movie as a way of waking up. That’s what life crisis is about—the wake up, the kick. Yet, like I recently tweeted, “It is only through insight that we can heal and transform”. Crisis helps us seek that insight if we don’t do so voluntarily. Of course, life and the interconnected psyche is so complicated that one cannot make a one or two-line statement, or can one? Food for thought.

The Hermit of tarot represents someone who has gone beyond the point of judgment and criticism and is able to see into the varied paths that people (souls) choose. Contemplation of this “beyond point” can be achieved through meditation and studying the paths of those who have gone before us, the great teachers. Another compliment to glimpsing the ‘beyond point’ can be observed in the astrological natal chart if one can interpret the signs and placements of the planets seeking the soul’s past and future intent. All of this removes black and white judgments and enables detached compassion. From insights gained from these perspectives one can eventually let go of patterns and/or pain.  And then, once integration, understanding and insight occurs it is very possible to, in the end, actually have very little to say about it other than things like, “It is as it is and nothing more.”  We can get to that point of peace and release through reorienting through reflection.  How long does ‘that’ take?  An instant or 1,000 lifetimes, it’s our choice.

Today’s message is simple. All the answers are within. With the inner peace of experiencing one’s own inner light produced through patience and inner quietude, one eventually understands that there aren’t really even any questions.

A little while alone in your room will prove more valuable than anything else that could ever be given you. — Rumi

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