Cosmic Communiqué 6-20-11 Down Time can be a Good Thing! View Changes in Plans Today as Opportunities! Kua 41, The Magician, The Hermit, Strength – Leo, Virgo

Today’s divination message is that down-time and up-time are simply a part of life and to use down time to your greatest advantage–don’t let down-time get you down!

Get back to basics today and work on the structure of your life reinforcing foundations.

There are times to plant and times to harvest and today is a good day to work in the fields, so-to-speak, and release concerns about decrease in any way that decrease may be showing up in your life.

Don’t worry about it; instead use your time wisely and energize your projects.

Blame games are simply a waste of time and energy which can be better used to come up with a new plan or energize the one that you have not had time to work on.

Simplicity is a good thing and today is a day to honor the concept of simplicity.

Plans may change today, so expect the unexpected.

If that happens, draw on inner strength and go within and manifest something new or work on a project that you’ve been putting off. Work on some form of creative self-expression.

For myself, I see the relevance of today’s divination in my life today and generally. Today I had a certain plan for certain activities but this changed unexpectedly. So, I have time for something else that needs doing.

Generally, and this is probably true of many folks who are self-employed, there are busy times and other times not so much. It’s like back when I was in my teen’s and had a job at the drugstore as a cashier.

I marveled at how no customers would be at the register for a good while and then suddenly there was a line of people waiting at my register for check out that went half way down an isle!

“It’s feast or famine”, as the saying goes–and that’s life and that’s the meaning of today’s divination from Kua 41.

When nobody was at the register, I had time to organize the cash drawer and inventory if I needed more quarters or dimes or tidy up my work area.

Today’s divination is inspired by the I CHING Kua 41 (SUN/Decrease) which relates to the Tarot cards of THE MAGICIAN, THE HERMIT and STRENGTH as well as the astrological signs LEO and VIRGO.

If we blend keywords for the Tarot correlations, we could say “create” (The Magician) by “withdrawing” (The Hermit) and “channel productive energy, stay strong and persevere” (Strength).  Adding the Leo and Virgo aspects, we could say to create (Leo) your own work (Virgo) today.

And now since my planned activity has changed, if you will excuse me, I have plan B that I’m off to take care of! It’s always good to have a few plans waiting in the wings!

Generally, release concerns about any plans the change today or any decrease you experience and know it is only temporary; what goes up must come down and what hits bottom, must rise again—that’s life.

Besides, there’s a reason for everything under the SUN and either you believe the universe is working in your favor or you don’t; I choose to believe it is!

See you tomorrow…

 Decrease combined with sincerity brings about good fortune without blame.  One may be persevering in this. It furthers one to undertake something.

Be willing to let go and forgive others who are [or have been] a source of constraint.  Use this time to diminish your involvements and to return to basic values.  Respect simplicity and quietude.  This is an interim period of rest and outward inaction. 

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