Daily Divination 8-27-11 Mastering Life by Enjoying the Sweetness of The Moment – I CHING Kua 63 Completion with Tarot and Astrology Keyword Associations

In life there are times when everything seems to be in balance and working order (peak experiences) and there are other times when all seems to be chaos. As humans we seem to gravitate toward one polarity or another—either we want everything to stay just as it is –OR—we long for the chaos to end and for change to happen. One of my favorite phrases is that Life Itself ‘is’ Change; that’s one thing we can always count on. Life is always changing. Moments of fulfillment last briefly and then the falling apart happens again; such are the forces of life in action in a never-ending effort toward rebirth and renewal. When do we get to kick back and relax? When is the completion? When can we make the final achievement and be finished?

The answer is that life and our own spirits are constantly achieving, renewing and achieving again. Today the oracle is reminding us to take satisfaction in every aspect of the journey of life and to remember that life is a continuum and that we do best to maintain a middle ground mentally, physically and emotionally. The experience of perfection and peak experience is an inspiration or a revelation that is contained within each moment no matter whether it is judged to be a moment of chaos or apparent harmony. It’s all Divine no matter if it appears extravagantly cosmic and esoteric or insignificant, mundane or even chaotic.

Today’s messaged was inspired by the I CHING Kua 63/Completion, In Place, In Order.

BOTTOM LINE: Enjoy the sweetness of each moment!


LIBRA – striving for balance, equilibrium, harmony

SCORPIO – death, ending

ARIES – rebirth, renewal

TAURUS – peace

THE TOWER—awakening

THE DEVIL – striving to be unbounded


THE STAR – hope, inspiration

THE SUN – optimism, success

MAGICIAN – mastery of goals; positive action; forces ensuring success

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