Divination Message from ICHING Kua 43 Resoluteness; Overthrowing Darkness; Having a Breakthrough; Initiation

Wow, now that’s a rough and tough image there for Kua 43 of Resoluteness. That guy looks like he’s been “through the mill” (so to speak) and while he may not understand why things are happening the way that they are, he’s not giving up.  He has a look of “fatigue with determination” on his face–strange combination.  Been feeling that way myself lately. Yeah, I can totally relate to the look on that guys face and in his eyes.

I was just asking about some insight for us (me and you, dear reader) regarding the whole New Year getting off to a good start.  For myself, it’s not been necessarily going like gang busters.  I’m feeling determined and unwavering in my resolve but am testing myself here a little bit.  I’m not failing but I could be doing better; maybe we can get some guidance from the I-CHING here.  That is if you’re like me feeling like you’re making efforts that don’t seem to be manifesting much right now–it all feels mental at the moment.  Lots of mental efforts with little to show physically.

It is a test of character to stick with the efforts especially when we don’t see the instantaneous breakthroughs that we’d like to see.  Sometimes we have to wait until the seed we plant germinates or grows beneath the soil before it shows the results of our focused efforts.  Sometimes our tenacity and resolve are put to the test–it is easy at those times to lose heart or faith but we must avoid being defensive or attacking life head-on.  We must remain uncompromisingly focused on our intentions while at the same time remaining relaxed and free of fear in order to get through these periods.  Besides, it’s a good time to meditate upon our truths and weed out ego-inflated ideas and beliefs that we are harboring–many times it is those that are causing the problem.

It is a good idea to remain aware and alert about our thoughts.  I wrote a newsletter today which may be helpful in that regard.  HERE’S THE LINK.

Lately, I’ve noticed that before certain problems work out they tend to get worse before they get better–nearly like we seem to go south before going north for the resolution in matters.  It reminds me of the switchbacks up here in the mountains.  Sometimes south is north and east is west when you are negotiating around a mountain.

I’ve had some real issues with Nationwide Car Insurance Company and Frontier Communications Phone Company and in another area that will remained unnamed.   Issues with Nationwide went on for a few weeks and with Frontier, months.  Fingers crossed they’re resolved now but believe me it took a lot of time on my part and persistent effort combined with all that this Kua refers to– i.e. tenacigty and inner resolve.  I would like to say that without my efforts, things would have resolved on their own–not so.  My efforts were required.  The advice of this Kua is to achieve resolution one must be detached, uncompromising, patient and must not waver from their purpose.

Personally, the other matters I have in mind will be resolved too, just like with Nationwide and Frontier–I just have to hang in and not give in to emotion and persist in faith.  If you are having some issues like I have that seem to get nowhere as far as progress goes, keep in mind that sometimes we have to go south before we go north and that’s just the way life goes sometimes.  Don’t give up hope.

Sometimes we have to be flexible enough to move with the changes of life without compromising our vision.  Through tenacity and strength of character, we will reach our goal and attain our vision.  I am reminded of that with regard to my recent issues with Frontier and Nationwide–these were tests and I made it through yet another initiation.  It is fresh in my experience to share with you right now–hold true to what you desire, do your best and somehow or another, eventually and with some resolution that is for the highest and best, things will go north again.  Our efforts do pay off; continue with determined effort.  Be willing to make any adjustments but remain determined; it will work out!