When The Law of Attraction doesn’t Attract and The Best Laid Plans – Kua 64 Before Completion – Don’t Lose Faith

It’s like that old saying we often hear that goes this way:  “If you want to make the Universe laugh, tell It YOUR plans!”  Ahhh, yes and “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry…” as the Scottish Poet Robert Burns wrote.    No matter how carefully a project is planned, even though we plan to the best of our ability, something may still go wrong with it. And that’s true even if we apply every new age law of attraction there is and use positive thinking ad nauseam, life happens and then we face uncertainty and doubt in the face of unstable conditions.  And the more we try, the more exhausted we can be become until we feel like we’re running on empty.  The Universe seems to laugh in the face of our plans, but sometimes we are right on the verge of success and it is no time to lose faith.

We do what we can and keep the smile on the face because not to is to give up and we must never give up—adjust perhaps but never give up in the face of plans changing by conditions that seem out of our control–like the weather.
Weather, and its changeable nature, helps us to increase our awareness that generally Life Itself is that way — changeable and sometimes undependable without guarantees — there’s nothing like a life storm to help us ground and to see the big picture.  Humbling as it is.  Don’t count the chickens before they’re hatched as the saying goes, yet don’t rule out the unexpected or let it create a loss of faith; Life is full of unstable and changeable conditions. Weather and Life Itself can be like Taurus with Aries… like “push forward with passion while taking your time and relaxing when there’s a storm”  … sort of an oxymoron; but storms do happen. And sometimes the ice is thin or even breaks… don’t lose faith, just adjust to the changes.

I think of birds sometimes and their nests that become destroyed by the hand of man or by nature.  Wind blowing the nest from the tree or man cutting the tree itself down—these causes have taught the bird to build more than one nest, just in case.  And we always hear that other phrase, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”  It seems to me that a Life Storm can help us come up with the time or opportunity to figure out how to secure a few more eggs and put them in different baskets.  We can at least think about it or contemplate it especially if we don’t have the energy to carry out those plans for another day.  Let the birds inspire!  Just build some extra nests in case something happens to one, there are others.

Sometimes our plans seem to become destroyed or changed or delayed for good reason—might be the wrong direction which is leading you further away from your goal.  Maybe the goal needs tweaking or we need to reorient to it or review it.

Or maybe you are almost there even though there have been frustrating setbacks!  Go within and ask in meditation what it is that you need to know–turn into your own heart and wait.  When we call upon Intuition, we are already assuming that somewhere inside we KNOW!   You do.