Day #11 The Best Way is Pushing Through – When is the Perfect Time to Do a Psychic Reading?

If we wait for conditions to be perfect before we engage in what needs doing, we may have a long wait.  Besides, we learn so much about ourselves and about Life by pushing through. 

I remember once upon a time quite a number of years ago I wanted a reading from a local psychic.  It was a time when I was just opening up to those types of things.  I was working at my career as a physical therapist back then and could feel some kind of change coming on.  It just occurs to me now (as I type here) that the change that was coming at that time is the current reality that I am living now—at least in part.  So anyway, the metaphysical store where I was asking for a reading had just relocated.  And to me the store appeared perfectly in order and seemed fine–at least the front room did anyway.

Yet, the psychic pointed to a side room which contained a number of boxes, some opened partially and some not at all.  She said that those boxes and the state of her life at that moment were reason she could not do readings at that time.  I walked away a little bit disappointed.  I never had a chance to go back. 

Looking back on it while actually being a psychic myself now, as I did this morning for some reason, I think, “Really?”  Well, we all assume that we function differently I suppose based on our individual past experiences and preconceived notions. 

Personally, I seem to work better under that type of circumstance—perhaps because doing a reading for a client is healing and energizing for me (the energy from the higher dimensions filters in, you know?) and I’ve actually done some of my very best work in circumstances and situations like the one in which the side-room psychic said she could not work. 

Funny how memories come flooding through.  I just remembered something from my past relating to this.  I did 15 minute readings for an entire office once in someone’s home.  It was a very nice home; however, in order to give me privacy to do the work, I was sent to the homeowner’s teenage daughter’s bedroom.  You want to talk about chaos!  Everything was everywhere but I had my card table, my cards and my vortex of energy and the rest was faded background material.  Everything but the card table became a non-issue. I don’t remember thinking it was an issue in the first place.  The room did not exist for me at all when I was working with the client–in fact the whole house and everyone and everything in it seemed non-existent.  It’s still that way actually.  My own life goes away for the period of time in which I am doing someone’s reading and that can actually be a pretty wonderful thing sometimes.  LOL

On to another topic—yesterday I made great progress with my project of commitment to change.  Not that I’m there yet; but I took a GIANT STEP closer (Mother may I?  Yes, you may!) to eventual completion.  I plan the same for today but I paused to make this blog as my form of play; otherwise, it is head down, engaged and power through!

One final note–and this is more a private thought but let me put it out to the ethers anyway.  I am calling on the Divine Mother for help daily ion this project of committment and change and I want to express gratitude for the assistance I am receiving and to open my heart even further to that energy with Love.  Thank YOU!