The Psychic ‘Business’ and Mental Breaks

Mental Break

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the good use of time.  Maybe that’s because I’ve been busier than usual since I offered half-priced readings to celebrate my impossible neighbors having moved!  Yay!  Still celebrating actually—can’t help it!  Probably another reason time’s on my mind is that I’m on hold with my telephone company!

Anyway—time!  I’m think about THAT and my astrology course that I want to get on my new website that needs so much work but here I am blogging.  Yeah well, blogging doesn’t take as much total focus and concentration—after all, I’m listening to that music in my ear while waiting for the phone employee to come back to the line.

I jumped on Facebook today when I needed a diversion and thought how I tend to do that when my mind needs a break.  Then thinking about astrology, it occurred to me that I took breaks lasting months and years between learning astrology which I expected to be easier than it was.  A long-ago psychic once told me I’d be a natural at it should I ever take it up; I did and as far as I was concerned, I wasn’t!

Of course, I just needed breaks—it was intense.  And it still is really but one needs to be able to process all the patterns one sees in the chart.  But we were talking about time and taking rest breaks for the mind, weren’t we?  Getting back to that, I used to scold myself for mental diversions away from intense work projects—but not anymore.

Pause.  Do something else.  Come back later to tie up the loose ends.  I did that so much when I was first learning to interpret a whole chart.  I could only handle so much at one time.  I’d put the chart down and pick it up later and in doing so would see the next connection, the next piece to the puzzle, the next sequence in the soul’s story.

And I don’t do it in any logical step-by-step order.  Right now I hope my astrology teacher isn’t reading this because I’d get scolded for not following the formula step-by-step.  It’s just that one planet or one group or aspect just calls out to me, “Look at me!  Pay attention to this!  Start here! “—I can’t help it.  I get back to the textbook formula eventually; but then I’ve always been a bit of a rebel and found my own way through the mazes of life.

When things get intense, it’s good to have an escape planned—I do most things that way finding it helps alleviate my own inner pressure.  And I pay attention to the inner signals, the feelings—sometimes mild and sometimes strong—in any moment and allow myself to be led.  I like working that way.  Besides, I like to tell myself and to believe that I work for “spirit” and that this essence that lives within me guides me.  And well, heck, sometimes it just seems to take over but I let it—and that feels like just watching yourself do something and then afterwards thinking, “Wow, did I really DO THAT?”

I had to laugh aloud recently when somebody referenced what I do as my “business” since I hardly ever think of what I do as “business”—rather it seems I’m a sovereign-ly singularly recruited and willing participant in a co-creator-ship type of engagement with the universe.  Well, that was one confusing sentence.  Maybe something like it’s a co-merged spiritual co-op of some kind and through participation with and in union with such Life-Force somehow magically my earthly needs are met—sometimes just in a nick of time, but nonetheless provided.  Does that sound like a business?  Maybe to someone else it does, but not to me.  Or at least I don’t think of it that way and I don’t make business decisions either—I just follow my feelings and inner most drives.  If what I do ‘is’ a business, it’s not mine—I can say that much!  Ha! Well…


…finally I’m off of ‘hold’ to the phone company and I just found out there’s no long distance plan for calling Canada—it’s ‘way-too-much’ per minute; however, in just asking about it they reduced my bill by $10 per month for other reasons.  Some new package or other—maybe the universe just gave me a little cash bonus (worth $120 per yr.)—that’s how I’d like to think of it anyway.

My mental break is now over—the phone company and I are finished on the phone—so, back to work with fresh new eyes!  I’m grateful for my work and for the magical support that I feel is given in the timing that always seems to impress upon me that what I do is a divine co-op (for lack of a better definition a the moment.)

Time and timing is really magical if we really notice and are aware, don’t you think?