Personal Tarot Traits – Four of Swords validates the Hush of May

Personal Tarot Traits – Relating Personal Daily Experiences to a Daily Tarot Card

4 of swordsYou remember that ’60’s song, “There’s a Kind of Hush All Over the World” –??  Life sort of feels like THAT lately in a good way.  It relates to the 4 of Swords.  I’ve always wondered if this is the real Death card of Tarot in disguise.  So is he dead or just napping or perhaps meditating?  Either way, this card screams out “Take a breather!” and “Hush!”

Mercury has just turned retrograde (May 18, 20105), maybe the 4 of Swords is in alignment with that vibe.  Nevertheless, I was just sayen’ yesterday (in fact) how the energy is a bit funky–incommunicado; like everyone is on the far side of the Moon where we don’t get the transmissions.  It didn’t take long for me to connect the dots after drawing this card relating it to what I was just sayen’  about work this month.  I have looked for other connections as I reviewed my day yesterday and that’s the only connection there seems to be.  So I’ll go with it and write about it.

My work has been very slow so far this month; my email has been mostly spam in May and my voice mailbox has been unusually quiet too.  Used to be that this worried the heck outta’ me but I’ve gotten accustomed to these kinds of doldrums and tend to think of it as The Universe (or Divine Intelligence — you name it) giving me time off for good behavior.  AKA a vacation!  Being forced in some way to “take a breather”; to chill~ax.

In most cards depictions of the 4 of swords, the swords are seen being put aside.  Work/ action/ socialization is being put aside in favor of retreat, rest, recovery and/or recuperation and vacation in some way.

There is a need for being grounded — that’s another archetype of this card.  In the herbal tarot deck this is depicted so clearly as the human is laying on the ground with his head and shoulders against a rock; a very grounding image.

The other obvious message of this card is not to struggle against whatever is going on in the life now and be open to insight.

For me right now it is a reminder to be flexible with the ups and downs of life.  I get better at it all the time.

Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching.  Folks are planning a long weekend  and with the weather warmer and vacation time just ’round the corner, kids about out of school, graduation time at hand for many, it’s just a switch in the focus of energy.

There’s a kind of hush…. in a good way.  It’s time for a breather for all of us and after very busy times,  it’s best to rest while one can (and enjoy it!) because “sure as shooten'” as the saying goes (without a doubt) the pace will pick up again; that’s how life goes!

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In the morning when I first awaken, I let guidance come in and do a waking dream for the day ahead. On one of these occasions recently I received a directive in the form of an idea laced with intensity. “Draw a card at the beginning of the day and reflect on its meaning and then revisit it at day’s end correlating the day’s experiences with the card.” That’s the treasure at the end of the rainbow so-to-speak. Doing so gives insight into the world of divination for the purpose of adding layers or additional traits to the tarot card meaning. This deeper understanding to the cards can be applied for use when doing future readings. It’s like letting Life Itself teach us the cards.

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