Regular Deck of Playing Cards Give Cartomancy Reading – Cartomancy versus Tarot – Past, Present, Future Reading of Elbow Question

This is an experiment with using a regular deck of playing cards for purposes of divination.  I have a single question/issue here.  I’ve never used playing cards to do a reading with before, but there’s a first time for everything!  I don’t have much time today, so this will have to be a quickie! 

Here’s a past, present and future 3-card spread.  We should be able to get ‘down and dirty’ with that one since time is an issue today.  I was going through some papers that I need to file while looking for something and came across a little hand-out that I received from a class in “Cartomancy”.

Okay, so let me think of a question or issue…  something that has been on my mind lately has been my right arm/elbow.  It started to hurt last summer after marathon weed pulling and yard work type gardening sessions. I’m sure pulling on my lawn mower didn’t help either but I’ve mowed my own lawn for many years now.  I’ve never really recovered and while taking up yoga recently while holding some postures, I see that my right arm is noticeably weaker as compared to the left. 

I know that the subconscious mind and higher mind know what’s been going on with that elbow.  I just need to bring it to my conscience mind—thus, divination!

Let’s try this method for fun and see what additional insights about this elbow we can gain using the cards to bring forth information about the past, the present and the future of this elbow.  I guess my greatest concern would be around being able to regain the strength in the right arm and elbow again.

So, let the shuffle begin…. 3 cards… past, present, future.  Ha!  Just remembered that I need to take the joker out of the deck before I do the shuffle…. Here we go. 

Past:  9 of Spades

Well the first thing I’m thinking of has to do with how yard work relates to the gardening tool, a spade.  And YIKE, 9 relates (via numerology) to a transition, death, ending, permanent change.  Spades are used for digging in the garden.  Well, I pick up my card and look at what I wrote on the 9 of spades card itself.  On the card I wrote, “warning, papers, accidents”.  Does this mean that I had a warning and did not heed it and thus had an accident?  Gosh, I do remember it hurting like blazes at first, nearly like a muscle pull.  On the hand out paper it says, “Bad luck in all things, depression and low energy, destruction, deaths, extreme anxiety.”  Well, that’s pretty negative!  Isn’t it?   I don’t think that I need to go much further; after all, I already know the past.  I’m going to go with “a bad luck accident” in my interpretation.  I may look at the tarot suit of swords as a comparison.  The 9 of Swords in tarot is about worrying too much—that’s one interpretation that I’d give it.  One insight I’d give here to myself here is that my worry about the elbow (I did fret about it quite a lot because it has been limiting—hurting with nearly every moVement) may have prolonged my suffering.  Too much fretting kept the pain going perhaps.   Okay, let’s look at the present. 

Present:  8 of Diamonds

Okay, my first impression in just turning over this card was positive.  The red color of the diamonds is energizing and 8 is a strength number and indicate success.  And my elbow is getting better; it hurts less with activities since the start of spring and warmer weather.  I am strengthening it with Yoga which it seems to agree with more than with pulleys or free weights.  The yoga exercises are “closed chain” (physical therapy lingo from my days as a physical therapist) and the elbow and arm are responding slowly but I do see progress which is encouraging.  So, the 8 of diamonds could be indicating the success in the present.  Diamonds in playing cards relates to the suit of Pentacles (Coins) in the Tarot divination system.  Earth, earthy, materiality –that’s the archetype.  Hands on earth with yoga postures—that’s one way to interpret the earthiness of the suit of diamonds here and the numerological 8 which relates to strength and success adds to the interpretation.  I think the 8 of Diamonds, thus far, confirms what I already know and that is that what I am doing about the issue/problem/question about the elbow is positive.  But now, let’s look at what I wrote on this card in the cartomancy class that I took so very long ago.  Ha!  Well, I wrote “spending money”.  Well, I did buy a new yoga mat to do my yoga outside and a while back an elbow brace.  Let me look at the hand out to see if there’s more but before I do that, what is money? Energy.  So I am spending energy doing yoga.  Hmmmmm.  Honestly, it says “a marriage and travel late in life.  Financial ups and downs.”  I don’t know what marriage would have to do with this—I’m happily and contentedly single.  Ha ha.  I’m going to interpret that “marriage” reference to the marriage of the left and right arm being equal, merging in that respect.    Well, the ups and downs part may be a little message to me that there may still be good days and bad days with this elbow discomfort, but overall the progress is positive.  When we compare the tarot 8 of Pentacles which is the counterpart to the 8 of Diamonds in that system, we see someone working (image of someone working) on the card.  The card is about making efforts and those efforts being rewarded.  Sounds good so far.  Now, the future prediction… shall we go there?  Remember, I want to know if this arm is ever going to be good as new or at least back to the non-injured state (if not better than it was to start with).

Future:  10 of Diamonds

Okay, so here we have another coin or earth card.  I think of 10 as a successful number.  We always hear, “On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best…etc.”  So far, so good I think.  On the card I wrote, “small money”.  Hmmmmmmm.  Maybe this means that I will always have to maintain some (albeit small) effort to keep that arm in shape and pain-free.  Yet, on the other hand what the hand-out says about the 10 of Diamonds is this:  Money and travel highlighted.  Fortunate changes.  Well, yay! Sounds good to me!  Fortunate change is exactly what I wanted to hear and now I can hold a vision of this arm being pain-free and strong.  In the Tarot divination system, the 10 of Pentacles is one my favorite cards.  I would especially love it to come up when I asked about money in the future. 

And, that’s that.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m way overdue for my daily yoga session. However, I will do my work out today with renewed hope and increased optimism!   

I learned a little bit about cartomancy by doing this reading; I hope you did too.

Daily Divination April 25, 2011 Anger Isn’t Always a Bad Thing; Here’s an Example Why! Mars/Gemini and 9 of Swords

Mars -- taken by Hubble Telescope; Today's Cosmic Communiqué relates to the archetype energy-blends of Mars/Aries with Mercury/Gemini or in other words, AKA Nine of Swords

Resolving and Dissolving Splinters in the Mind and Emotional Body

Oh boy!  Nine of Swords (tarot) is Mars in Gemini energy.  All I can think of as I look at the image on the card is feeling angry—anger turned inward and that’s very confusing energy, isn’t it?  Most of the day yesterday, deep down in the soul or way back in consciousness, some unlabeled anxiety was growing. 

If I have to give it words (and I do) it was like a splinter or shard around which a swelling was occurring—sort of like when you get a piece of wood or glass in your finger.  But this was in the mind.  Wait, maybe mind isn’t the proper word.  Let’s change that to “emotional body”.  Has that fragment been there all along?  I suspect so.  Right now Mercury is passing back and forth in its direct-retrograde-direct again over quite a few planets in Aries. 

Actually, when I tried to figure why I felt confusing emotional energy yesterday, I remembered Mercury moving over all those planets in Aries.   The retrograde motion is about re-living, re-capturing, re-doing and all those other “re” words.  Mercury rules Gemini energy.  Mars rules Aries energy.  Dissolve those two together and we have the same archetypical energy as the Mars in Gemini which typically is associated with the tarot card Nine of Swords.

Mars/Aries energy is passionate, outward, expressive, and aggressive; therefore, many times associated with anger.  Gemini is about communicating—that’s if we’re going to stick with major keyword associations.  This card is helping me today.  Maybe it will be helpful for you too.  Here’s why.  You know that splinter in the mind (emotional body) I was writing about above?  Well, here’s what I’m just realizing.  Maybe you can relate to this—that’s why, of course, I write about these things; to be helpful.

You see, for the past few days, something has been troubling me and finally yesterday I realized there actually was a splinter.  It began to get my attention and began to irritate and hurt a bit yesterday.  By the afternoon, I could not deny that it was there!  As I put attention upon it and the feelings it was triggering, it was like putting the magnifying glass on it to examine it closer. 

“I’ve felt this way before, but when was that?”  The more I tried to figure it out, the closer I was getting to realizing how this foreign piece, this old trauma, got there in the first place.  What I was feeling yesterday were those same feelings from 16 years ago! 

As the human experience goes, it was a time of great personal stress and worry.  It wasn’t me worrying about me per se; it had to do with my worry about someone else.  Those were gawd-awful, gut-wrenching days in which I felt powerless, helpless and fearful.  Have you ever seen those episodes in movies where someone is worried about another person?  The story line goes something like, “So-n-so is usually home by now or would have called; something must be wrong!”–?  And then when the person shows up there is at first great relief and then the emotional mood changes into anger! “Why didn’t you call?  I was so worried!” 

I was living many, many Moon’s in the worried state, then the relief state but never moved out of that into anger.  I just left part of myself there, worried and helpless, 16 years ago!  The splinter in the mind was never removed and that aspect of my psyche was left in limbo, suspended in a state of helplessness and worry instead. 

And with the current Mercury being stationary and just turning direct right now (the 23rd—2 days ago) and with it backing up within 4 degrees of Mars and with pulling the Nine of Swords today for this Divination Message, it hit me!  I never let myself get angry!  And as soon as I realized this, a healing occurred which took me out of that powerless, helpless suspended state and now the splinter is… well, see that image on the card?  I am picking up one of those swords and removing the splinter!  Ha!  What an image that creates!  Removing a splinter in the mind with a sword?  I will have to use care not to create an additional wound!   

Sometimes just powerful realizations act as healing agents to resolve and dissolve mental-emotional splinters.  They can unfreeze a frozen part of the psyche/soul. In this case, as retrograde Mercury (in Aries) energy backed up into within a few degrees of Mars (in Aries),  stationing  and then slowly turning direct…. it did.

This card relates to guilt one carries and judging one’s self too harshly.  I’ve been examining that today too as I’ve been looking at this card and typing out this post.  Part of feeling helpless relates to the energy of guilt many times and guilt is a totally non-productive energy; it creates splinters in the mind! 

The herb associated with this card is Valerian root and helps to release mental “spasms” that we can create during trying times.  Valerian is an anti-spasmodic, sedating and calming herb and is often used for folks who have nervous or depressed conditions so that unhealthy shame, regret and guilt can be released.  I don’t think I need an herb or drug to remove this splinter—break through realizations are much better therapy! 

I don’t need to express this anger really, just the realization that I never expressed it was enough to release the anxious and helpless feelings that I’ve been subconsciously holding to for 16 years! 

The cosmic communiqué for today is that we should acknowledge mistakes, be grateful for the lessons and to realize that the ability to look inward and to examine the self (get out the magnifying glass and take a look at those splinters) is a virtue.   It’s an inside job and judgment or guilt has no place in this process. 

Just one final note, so many times people who are nurturers and caregivers create a trap within themselves when they take blame that isn’t all theirs.  I am speaking about life generally and the emotions that one can have of feeling responsible for everyone and everything that happens.  That inner lament goes something like, “It’s all ‘my’ fault.”  That’s a natural trap that can be involved with caregiving, feeling overly responsible for others.   Don’t “go there” if you can avoid doing so;  it can create a splinter in the mind called helplessness and you’ll only have to go back later and remove it. 

Today’s tarot card and Mars in Gemini association with it, has helped me a great deal.  My hope is that something that I wrote here in today’s blog post will help you too.

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