Long distance Hiker Emma (Grandma) Gatewood’s Soul Astrology Chart – Post #1

grandma gatewood natal 0 Aries rising
Time of birth is Unknown ~ Chart is cast natural houses; 0° ARIES Rising

Time of birth is unknown according to her granddaughter (per Bette Lou Higgins, author of a book about Grandma Gatewood and an upcoming PBS Special called Trail Magic).  Therefore, I have cast a chart with the natural houses, 0° ARIES Rising.  It shouldn’t be too difficult to rectify this chart sometime in the future which will be my next project as time permits.

Grandma Gatewood hiked the 2,000+ miles of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine for the first time at age 67. Then she did it twice more and after that the 2,000 mile Oregon Trail followed by many other hikes!

Her life was phenomenal and by all accounts Continue reading

How the Aware Psychic Receives Information and the Jeweled Net of Indra

Indra's netHow the Aware Psychic Receives Information

and the Jeweled Net of Indra

Psychic awareness (divination) is the ability to tune into vibrations which are both distant and near because in actuality they exist in a dimension that exists outside of time and space.

Psychic awareness is the ability to translate these vibrations into a form accessible to the conscious mind.

The dimension where these vibrations exist is the same place where ideas exist before we have them.  The psychic becomes “at one with” that dimension.

The Jeweled Net of Indra is a metaphor or symbol for oneness, interconnectedness.  The Buddhists say that at the intersection of this infinite net there is a shining jewel and each jewel contains reflections of all the other jewels.  And each reflection contains within itself an infinite number of reflections.  Every point reflects every other point.  This gives us the idea the image for how each part of the universe is able to communicate with every other part.

The psychic is able to become one with the connective patterns of the universe and it is through this method that information is transferred to the aware psychic.

July 4th 2012 Energy of the Psyche

It’s a trine and sextile kind of  E-Z does it day!
TODAY (7/4) Mercury sextiles Venus –>communication issues of the past could be featured in a big way as each person examines their own needs and values today.  Harmonious conversation and interaction is generally desired however.
Mercury also trines Uranus –> Thoughts can easily wander into to the subconscious mind areas and these could include childhood issues of being in a body as a child. Also this aspect can enhance one’s intuitive nature and messages from spirit can filter through today without much effort, stay aware. 🙂   Inventive energy comes from the easy pathway from these two planets. 
Also, Venus sextiles Uranus today –> Unusual or bold communications could happen, but for the most part people will likely want to break away or break free in order to determine their own needs for harmony and rest and they will likely tell you about it!   An idea may come to you out of the blue  for a creative project today or this week!  Explore it–it comes from a level of mind where inspirations live! 🙂

May these astrological alignments in the heavens and thus the psyche enhance your day today!