The 10-second Attention Rule and Meditation

How long can you hold your focused attention?

Ten seconds.  Think about when we watch T.V. or a movie.  A new action, a new flick of movement in front of our mind/eye happens at least every 10 seconds.  Are we training our minds to only be able to hold attention for that brief interval?  Binge watching (I’m guilty of it too) can create such impatience with having to wait longer or hold attention longer.  I notice that when I’m waiting for a webpage to load or even for my coffee to re-heat in the microwave, there is a level of impatience that arises.  C’mon, c’mon, let’s go!  And I don’t notice this impatient behavior sometimes.  Other times, I do and have to speak to myself to slow down, take a few breaths and focus attention within the breath/body.

Crazy, isn’t it?  These expectations we have that can go unnoticed.  Having to sit at a traffic light is sometimes the same way.  Yet, go to a doctor’s office for an appointment and the expectation is that we will have to wait and we may bring a book.

I’ve just been considering the automatic pilot or unconscious tendencies that occur and how binge-watching programs can train our mind to be impatient or less able to fully focus our attention for a longer period of time.  I now notice how 10 and 15-second meditation apps are popular.  Maybe that’s where we’ve gotten to as a general populace?  Who knows?  I am only speculating on all this.  If one does make a practice of binge-watching programs, one probably should spend an equal amount of practice holding focus and attention for longer periods in meditation.

Computer Recovery and the Knight of Wands! A ‘Who Done It’

ImageAlmost there… 42 out of 53 programs and features and installations are now installed.  My computer has cleaned out it’s closets too it appears–the need was there of course and I’m helping by installing the recovery disks.  I hope it was just a virus and my hard drive is okay!

I guess I will know soon!  I’d like more information about this whole thing!  Is it too much to ask why?  I think that’s really what I’d like to know.  Let me shuffle those ole’ cards and ask the oracle!

Before I get those cards, I’m laughing at myself–that old famous happy “Why Me?” phrase is is echoing in my mind.  Well, what we get here is the card, KNIGHT OF WANDS.  Maybe I needed a conquest?  It sure feels that way (Knights go on conquests)!  I’ve done enough troubleshooting in this past week to amount to something like a knight on a conquest!

I just turned to check the laptop’s self-restore progress and am laughing.  The computer brain is rating it’s performance.  The screen reads, “Rating System Performance”.  I am asking myself how I’d rate my own brain’s performance!

But back to the Knight of Wands–adventure, excitement and risk!  Those are keywords of for the Knight of Wands archetype.  This is the part of our psyche that is not afraid (unafraid) of the unknown.   Well, I’ve got to tell you that reinstalling an operating system and facing the fear of needing a new hard drive certainly relates to that.

Sometimes I think of the Knights in Tarot as relating to Squares in Astrology — both indicate that some type of action is necessary.  I’d say it’s true that action was necessary in resolving my computer issues!  But I’m still not getting to the answer “WHY”.

The Knight of Wands archetype is about someone who wants action and wants it NOW, preferably YESTERDAY if possible.  So, impatience.  I wonder if I messed around too much with checking my drivers and caused my own problems?  Or maybe it was the MS Office guy who took control of my computer to resolve a problem with Word and in the middle of that process the Internet connections, wireless network connections and all restore points (and god knows what else) was lost!

Were we both impatient?

I feel that now it is going to be a fun time consuming job to reinstall all my programs; my astrology program and others and to restore all my documents, pictures with CLICK FREE; hopefully the CLICK FREE will make that part easy!  Plug in the USB port and let it do it’s thing.

I’ve often thought of the Knight of Wands as someone who is awkward about what he’s doing and really doesn’t know exactly what is actually ‘is’ doing–almost like that saying that goes this way, “I know just enough about a subject to be dangerous.”

Well, I’d best get back to it here!  I’m reloading the Norton program here and it’ about done.

I’m satisfied that the answer to my question had to do with someone not knowing what they were doing on my computer and then being impatient to boot!  Was that me or the Microsoft tech? Or was it a little bit of both of us?  I’d like to share the blame with him– ha ha.  Of course, who knows how he’d feel about that!?

I’ve been cleaning my closets here at home and dumping out old files—very literally.   Paper files of old business receipts and car repairs and tossing them out!  It seems my computer has wanted to do that same thing.  And now the closets in my home and also the closets on my computer are cleaned which is a good thing I suppose no matter what or who caused it.