Daily Divination 5-19-11 Disappointments in our Relationship to Anyone or Anything – 3 of Swords; Saturn in Libra

Appalachian Mountains

First of all, it’s a beautiful day here in the Appalachian mountains! Cool nights lately too.  There’s nothing like brisk mountain air! I’m wishing you an exceptionally great day! Deep breathing, fresh air… It is so helpful to disconnect from our heart connection attachments and get some space, get some air. Our connections to others sometimes cause congestion in our own heart and clearing is needed.  I’m thinking of a break up–when two souls go their separate ways.  Recently, in the news, we have the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.  There are going to be a lot of old (and even new) emotions that will need digesting and clearing out.  It will take some time.  But even in milder relationship issues, sometimes deep breaths of fresh air, space and separation are required to clear the heart energy. 

Broken hearts and disappointments–who hasn’t had them?  The question is have we cleared them, released them and forgiven them?  Today’s message is a reminder to consider that we have to create distance and separation for these types of resolutions to occur.

I remember reading somewhere that colds and chest congestions are the body’s way of manifesting feelings of loss and grief.  When my mother died in December of last year our entire family (every single one of us!) had very deep chest colds after the funeral—and I really hesitate to use the world cold because none of us had ever had that type of deep chest congestion and chest pain ever before.  We all commented that we had never had such a deep cough!  We were clearing from our bodies feelings of loss and grief.  By the way, I also hesitated to type the word “died” just now too because, as you know, technically there ‘is’ no death.  But back to today’s topic.

The inspiration for today’s message is the tarot 3 of Swords which is the same archetype motif as Saturn in Libra.   

As it so happens, the transiting planet Saturn is moving through the constellation Libra currently.

One of Saturn’s many archetypes is “boundaries” since it is associated with the boundary of the mind that separates the conscious from the subconscious or unconscious levels. Or we could say the boundary between universal consciousness and mundane or ego-consciousness.  Phrasing it another way, I believe it could rightly be said that Saturn represents the boundary between ego and soul.

When we factor in Libra, since this motif relates to Saturn in the sign of Libra, this relates to relationship issues since Libra, as most people know, is the sign associated with relationships. 

Saturn began its march through Libra in March 2009 and has gone retrograde and direct a few times and will keep dancing back and forth in Libra until fall of next year.   So we’re not through these relationship boundary issues for a while. 

Saturn will remain retrograde in Libra until mid-June this year when it goes direct again for a while. 

Since Saturn  represents the boundaries of consciousness, anytime it is retrograde, we can expect (or so my teachers say) that we will be able to receptive to other levels of consciousness, the barriers are dropped and so we may be more aware of past life connections or soul memories as they, in this case, apply to relationships with people but also with places or things–relationships of all types.

We may have awareness of relationship patterns that our soul carries and we could tap into other lifetimes where we have experienced disappointments or sorrows in relationships.  My thought about it is that anytime we become aware of memories or patterns, it is for the purpose of healing and releasing.  Current relationship issues (even with parents, children, co-workers or whomever) may be triggering these memories. 

And then we can recall our true connection to the Divine Heart for the purpose of rebalancing and healing and getting a newer perspective. 

As the Buddhists tell us, attachments create suffering and isn’t it true that when it comes to relationships, we have certain ideals, expectations and fantasies?  It is our attachment to these that create the disappointments and suffering.

Today’s message reminds us that any sadness, depression and memories of difficult separations that come up in your thoughts are asking for space to be released–they are asking for freedom.  Once we create the space to deal with the pain, acknowledge it since it’s coming up anyway, having that newly created space enables a new vision for a new beginning to be created. 

As this manifests in the outer world, we may find ourself releasing others, letting them go to some extent, if not fully.

I didn’t know that I would draw this card today, but my subconscious must have known.  Here’s why I say that.  Earlier today, I came across these familiar words from Blake that I’ve always related to and I happened to tweet this:

  “Man is made for joy and woe; When this we rightly know; thru the world we safely go. Joy and woe woven fine, clothing for the soul divine.” 

Why do our ideals become shattered?  Why is it necessary? I’ve mentioned some reasons already.  Here’s another. Sometimes it is about getting the priorities straight.  Many of my own soul triggers involve money and issues of survival and security.  I had this idea once that god him/herself was giving me an opportunity to become wealthy in order for me to achieve freedom—back then I was starting to awaken to life beyond the mundane and the ego. 

I came across an opportunity—one of those fantastic get-rich quick things earmarked for light-workers to achieve their great purpose here.  I invested a lot of my energy and time into believing this was a personal answer to a personal prayer and was very attached to this idea.  When  I was able to finally “get real”–another archetype of Saturn is about getting REAL–disappointment and sorrow ensued (I felt betrayed), but it did serve to realign me and further awaken me.  Perhaps it represented that last big separating desire that needed to exhausted and released from my system so that I could fully direct my energies to the inner world, not the outer.  That’s my personal take on it for now anyway.

So then,  whatever the relationship happens to be with—a person, a career, money or whatever it is–the Saturn in Libra and 3 of Swords message today has to do with understanding the attachments and patterns of the soul to that particular relationship.
And to integrate the idea that sometimes those disappointments and sorrows help us to create new visions and released attachments that are no longer serving us. 

I hope that something written here today will bring you a personal message of understanding and hope and encouragement and add something golden to your “clothing for the soul divine.” 

PS – it may be helpful for you to know what house Saturn is currently transiting in your personal astrology chart.  If you go to www.astro.com, you can bring up your personal natal chart and also do a transit chart for yourself to see.  For example, interestingly enough, Saturn is transiting through my 2nd house of self-reliance, self-worth and “money”.  And so in my case the Libra (relationships) issues regarding my relationship (Libra) to money, self-worth and self-reliance (2nd house) are being triggered by Saturn.   I’m going to be giving this more thought today.  I recently had a past life memory during a regression that I did which explained a few things for me regarding my relationship to loss around money and security issues.

Divination Message March 23, 2011: 6 of Cups Relating to Scorpio Sun

With Saturn retrograde in Libra, not going direct again until June 12th (2011) and today’s card and astrological connection being about non-commitment in relationships, it seems the divine messengers want to talk about that very thing today–relationships.  I’d say that today’s message would apply to any type of relationship whether it be work related, family related, friend related or lover related. 

Intuitively, I’m getting the focus with Saturn  retrograde in Libra (Libra–the sign of relationships itself)  as it applies to the tarot card and associated Scorpio Sun would apply this way– the message being to not force change  and accept how things are at the moment… in whatever way that applies to your own personal affairs at this time.  But that’s not all to consider…

Many times we see a lack of commitment in relationships occur due to that age-old scorpionioc (is that an actual word-?) fear of betrayal, fear of loss, and lack of trust due to same.  Many times people want to just be friends–just like the pictures we often see on the tarot card, 6 of cups.   Can’t we just be friends?–says one partner. And the other says–No, I want your commitment.

  Funny how that goes!  The one who wants the commitment is usually the one who has the greater fear of committing to a partner in the first place and that’s why they draw that kind of partner in to start with Scorpio energy wants to merge, blend and become one yet at the very same time is fearful of being hurt in the process.  A dichotomy!   How is that resolved?  By developing emotional self-reliance, but that’s a whole other blog for another day.

Saturn retrograde in Libra (as it is now) can help us review our relationship patterns.   It almost feels like relationships now, business, personal or otherwise are a bit stalled out.  People seem to not exactly know for sure what in life, if anything, to commit to. 

Sometimes life offers us something pretty wonderful, but we put our hands behind our backs, not willing to accept because we are  being suspicious of everyone’s motives.  That’s Scorpio energy–at least one way the Scoroio archetype expresses. 

The bottom line message for today is not to take life so seriously, allow yourself to play with others in life in a loving and friendly way without worrying about commitment (either giving one or asking for one) for right now–get in touch with your childlike innocence, adding more fun time to your life. 

When Saturn, the planet ‘of’ commitment moves forward again after mid-June, why not re-evaluate these areas of concern again then?  For now, accept life as it is and don’t take it all so seriously.  Adopt an attitude of feeling blessed by all the simple joys of your human connections with others and release the Saturn-judgments.  Try to be, just for a little while, blissfully unaware about the human/societal  relationship rules and regulations.  Think the best of others and you will experience the best in them and in life in general.

Perhaps be willing to consider what is being offered in life without being overly-suspcious about it — that is the other message here.