Blowing Your Spiritual Cover and Personal Integrity September 5, 2013 Daily Divination

10 of PentaclesAwareness—it’s awesome realizations; yet, because we are aware and realize something about ourselves doesn’t mean we have reached full enlightenment—it means we are aware of the path.  And excuse me if you are already fully enlightened but most of us go day-by-day doing the best we can, often reacting to life before, knowing we’re reacting.  But that’s okay or at least Pema Chodron says so.

Her recommendation is to say, “May this person who is driving me crazy enjoy happiness and be free of suffering” even though at the time what we are experiencing is genuine anger.  It always makes me feel sheepish when I remind myself that it is self-cherishing that is the root of my problem—that usually puts the fires of anger and frustration out easily.  And then I want to kick myself for reacting to a strong aversion in the first place.

We have our limits as humans it seems.  We can open to some people, but we remain closed to others—the ones who irritate us.

Awareness is seeing this clearly and realizing firsthand that as humans we are, as Pema says, “…a paradoxical bundle of rich potential that consists of both neurosis and wisdom.”

The thing is that we must acknowledge where we are and what we feel—it is so inauthentic and psychologically damaging (in my humble opinion) to pretend to feel anything that we don’t.

I can seem to feel more love, empathy and compassion for my daughter’s cats than I can for my downstairs neighbors!  I tried to muster up those feelings that I have for those animals and then transfer that same feeling to my irritating neighbors—no can do!  I just can’t seem to put these irritating people in the same place in my heart as the beautiful animals that I so love—I had to toss them right out.  I will keep trying and will let you know how it goes.

I am closed off there and need to keep working at it to open up and resolve my aversions—that’s what awareness can mean.  Oh, yeah, I try to tell myself that they are just like me and like the Dalai Lama says, we are all seeking happiness.  It’s just that their version of happiness and mine are apparently in dire contrast and opposition; perhaps it’s cultural but then again “when in Rome” as the saying goes.

I realize this is more aversion to humans and the epitome of resistance to them but I was thinking that I’ve got to start incorporating flip turns into my swimming routine.  Talk about human in your face!  When I got to the pool yesterday all the lanes were free, but for one.  I selected the last lane and started my swim.  About 20 minutes into my swim as I reached the wall to initiate my turn, there it was!

A man’s face in front of my own, asking to swim in my lane with me; all of the other lanes were filled with men and maybe he felt it was easier to ask a woman—who knows his motives? And who cares? But I felt immediate aversion to having to share my lane—why me?  He didn’t swim long but I realize that I have a lot of work to do in that area also; it’s just that (watch me try to justify my aversion now) when I swim it is like a meditation and one really would rather not be interrupted.  But that’s life—it’s what happens to us while we’re doing our own thing; human interference.  I’ve got to learn to be better at sharing my sacred spaces with other humans I guess…. Well, obviously.  I don’t like feeling irritated and would rather be happy and peaceful—that requires getting over my ego and self-cherishing!

I think to write about it and how these humans get under my skin so-to-speak is blowing my cover!  I’m human too and we all have an ego with aversions and attractions—when I lived in the mountains alone I could, for the most part, pretend that I wasn’t one of them!  Ha ha.

Well, humor is a gift from the Angels that helps us cope here.

Today, I will ask the Angels of Laughter to hang 10 with me through the ocean of life… or at least through my apartment living and my lap swimming at the pool.  I hit my toe on the side of the metal filing cabinet this morning as I made my way to my desk with my first cup of coffee while at the same time feeling resentful for being awakened by neighbor’s voices!

It’s a beautiful sunny day and we started out in the high 60’s, low 70’s this morning.  I made good progress on the project I’m creating for my daughter’s wedding gift and still wish that I could be half as artistic as my middle daughter (not the one getting married).  My middle child draws beautifully freehand and oh how I admire her ability to do that!

I just opened a desk drawer and the fragrance of Nag Champa incense cones (that I forgot I had) greeted me (I love Nag Champa) and may today be filled with such continued pleasant surprised for everyone!


This card makes me think of the 11th House in Astrology, relating to the community.  I think of it too as “growing roots” in the community and creating a stable and comfortable environment. The 10 of Pentacles deals with the domestic life and living life upon the earth and represents “the good life”.  The deep connection to The Universe exists within the ordinary life—through this card I am reminded that the troubles and miseries that occupy many human minds (my own included) are only a play and the community plays a role for us in presenting that which we must free ourselves.

As I finished that last sentence a hummingbird was flying a holding pattern within a few feet of my laptop just on the other side of the glass door, looking at me directly.  Reminds me to be joyful and to find the nectar of life and drink heartily from that fountain.  Hummingbirds are symbolic for accomplishing that which seems impossible.

May you always feel encouraged!

Daily Divination 9-21-11 Change and Energy on the Increase! May You Experience a Flowering! From I-CHING Kua 42

Strange! It seems these days that everywhere I look, the scenery is changing. Of course, its fall and the trees are changing and the environment has a new daily color. Outside my front window, the farmer across the way has taken to butchering nature (my words of judgment I realize) and changing the view out of the bay window to which I now realize I’ve become much too attached. Trees are falling and I’m breathing deeply and trying not to notice—but I do. Even my own view of myself in the mirror seems to be changing these days… but I say this in a positive sense. No matter. That’s what life is—it’s what it’s about: CHANGE. I wrote a bit about that in this week’s psychic newsletter if you’d like to have a look. But now, back to the regularly scheduled BLOG post… an imaginary drum roll happens in my head as I toss the coins for today’s I-CHING daily divination message.

We have Kua 42 here, the I-CHING message of INCREASE. What is the meaning? The universe will help and support those who make the efforts, take active steps and make application. And if the efforts one makes are those that help others (not just the self), then all the more support is given.

Today’s message is to persevere despite the times when we feel as though we may lose heart. Tough times always pass—nothing stays the same forever—so, continue to remain true to your highest ethics and integrity!

Wow, as I look at the flowers on the card, even though I am typing this at the farthest point away from the sound of the bulldozer and big digger equipment just across the street, I still hear the sounds of the machines and destruction. Maybe there will be beautiful flowers in the spring in the field across the street, just like in the picture. I have this vision of myself going out one moonlit night in the wee hours and tossing wildflower seed all about the field that was once, mere days ago, a lovely forest. Perhaps the landowner needs a crop there for financial reasons or perhaps he has agreed to sell the trees for a price. I will send love and blessings to mother earth there—that I will do just as soon as I heal from the destructive machinery sounds. So today’s message from the I-CHING that means INCREASE applies to what is going on across the street. The land owner, it seems, is looking for an increase to come from the destruction on the land. I know how it feels to seek increase and will feel compassion for him and for nature itself and hope that he does see what he wishes. I will take today’s meanings—the keywords for today’s I-CHING Kua 42 and wish all of that for the land owner who is changing my view out of my window. I wish these things for not only him but for everyone who reads these words and for myself. May we all enjoy the following:

• An increase that we can share with others

• Reaping of rewards for all of our efforts

• An overflow of abundance

• A “flowering” [image above] that comes from all of our efforts

• Fertile fields, fertile grounds

• Encouragement from the universe by way of support for our efforts

• May we experience a time of upswing

• Prosperity

• Great progress

Additionally, may we all apply our personal will wisely for these benefits to occur! May we all have increases that are good and true that uplift ourselves and others as well. May all of our opportunities land on the mark and none fall short!

Today, can you give someone a few flowers from your field? Is there an act of caring that you can afford to offer another?

Be the best you can be and help another be their best too, and this is how the flowers grow…

Meanwhile, the sky opens and it is starting to rain which seems in alignment with my own feelings as I listen to Bulldozer Bob out there and that other kind of earth destroyer… the kind with the big teeth on the end of the long arm that bites deeply into earth mother!

I am going to get in my car and drive away from here until nightfall when the machines will no longer be working. I’m going to a trailhead and hike deep into the forest and talk with Nature Goddess and nature spirits.

And thus ends my attempts to offer the cosmic communiqué for the day.  Just remember that today (and almost always) the universe will support attempts at increase if you make the sincere efforts and include the good of others in those attempts.

As for me?  What is the loss of a few more friends (the trees) if will bring the landowner some increase?  I am trying my best to feel this way… it’s hard.